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My teen struggles with anxiety, how can I help them? OLD

Ep. 8

Try not to stress out, but we have to tell you a harsh truth about anxiety.

As much as you might not want them to, the scientific reality is that your teen, along with all the others, is going to experience the feeling of anxiety at some point in their life.

And, believe it or not, that's a good thing! Anxiety is one of our eight core emotions. It wards us from potential danger and if we didn't have it at all, we'd probably be dead.

But ironically, for a genetic response designed to keep us alive, sometimes anxiety can stop us from truly living. That's especially true if you're a teen grappling with a heap of new physical, mental and personal changes.

Responding to our first listener question, Madeline and Angela chat about how we can support our teens through periods of heightened anxiety. They also cover some of the common mistakes well-intentioned parents can make when trying to help their stressed-out children, that can actually run the risk of increasing their anxieties!

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