Meanagers with Madeleine West and Psychologist Angela Murray


How do I support my teen through exams

Ep. 239


Chances are, each one of you reading these show notes has sat one before. Maybe some of you fared better than others, but that's beside the point.

Now, those same exams that you once loved, loathed, or feared are now being taken on by your teen. But these days, students are under immense pressure to study hard, pursue perfect results and above all else, achieve the ultimate ATAR. Sometimes, this messaging can come into a student's life as early as Year 7.

It's a level of duress that could unsettle even the steadiest of teens.

In this episode, Madeline & Angela examine what role we can play in helping our teens through the exam period, how to strike a balance between a detached approach and an overzealous one, and what strategies we can recommend for helping them in making the most of their study time.

Thanks to Uncle Jack Charles for the acknowledgment of country.

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