Match of the Bae

  • 28. The Finale

    The Finale of Match of the Bae, Emma, Amy and Natalie go over all the highlights of the Premier League season and what the expect in the new season with the Summer transfer window.
  • 27. The End is Nigh...

    The penultimate episode of this seasons Match of the Bae as there are two remaining games left in the Premier League, Who will be at the top? Who will be relegated? And who would you like to go to the PFA awards with? All discussed on this weeks episode.
  • 26. The Ultimate Tiger Woods Come back?! What footballer player would you pick?

    Emma Conybeare, Amy Christophers and Natalie Poly were back once again discussing whats been going down in the football world. Tiger Woods had the Ultimate comeback at the Masters but if you could pick any football player to do the same who would you pick?
  • He's good but he's not the Messiah?!

    This week on Match of the Bae its all laughs and giggles when Emma, Amy and Natalie join forces to discuss the hot topics in football. Including Jordans Pickford small arms, Cristiano Ronaldo Porno picture and Emilie Heskey being back on the football pitch.
  • 24. A Fine for a Crotch Grab? ...

    This week Emma Conybeare and Amy Christophers introduce Rhea Shillingford, AFC Wimbledon to Match of the Bae. They discuss the FA Cup Finalists, the up and coming Euro Qualifiers and that "crotch grab" that has fined Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • 27. Totes cool to park my car on the Roundabout?

    Emma, Amy and Natalie are back discussing an eventful weekend in the Premier League. It's all happy days again with Chelsea and Watford but Natalie has her own opinions on the North London Derby and her team Arsenal.Also Mario Balotelli is back to his bad boy ways?!....Follow Match of the Bae on their Socials@MatchoftheBae
  • 26. Kepa Vs Kat Slater

    What a Weekend of football, Emma, Amy and Natalie run through the best highlights from the Premier League and the Carabao Cup Final where Man City beat Chelsea on Penalties.Mike Dean made it into the headlines again.... But Why?
  • 23. Is that Bye Bye for Sarri?

    What's all going wrong for Chelsea? Seeming as Amy is a Pensioners Fan we ask her what her opinions are on this subject?! But is that the only manager under pressure?Also we do lighten the mood by talking about the Saturday night fever moves of referee Mike Dean.
  • 24. Give Nat some good news!

    Amy has all the transfer news and it's fair to say that Nat is begging for big news! We talk all things celebrations and have a look back at a cup filled week of football.