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ML290: Lisa Druxman (Founder & CEO of FIT4MOM)

Lisa Druxman is the founder of FIT4MOM, the nation’s leading company for pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. FIT4MOM has created business opportunities for moms nationwide, with more than 300 franchisees and 1,000 locations across the U.S. In addition to leading her team at FIT4MOM, Lisa is a noted speaker, author, podcaster and powerhouse of energy. 

A self-proclaimed mom boss, Lisa is passionate about paying it forward and empowering other women in life and business. Druxman is also the author of a new book with life strategies for moms—The Empowered Mama: How to Reclaim Your Time and Yourself While Raising a Happy, Healthy Family.

Druxman earned her Master's degree in psychology with an emphasis in exercise adherence and weight control from San Diego State University. She created the weight management program, L.E.A.N. Mommy® (Learn Eating Awareness and Nutrition), which is also the name of her first book.

Druxman has written on business for Entrepreneur and on motherhood for magazines such as Fit Pregnancy, Shape and more. Recognizing her entrepreneurship, Druxman has also been nominated for and received numerous honors from organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners for creating one of the most desirable businesses for moms in the country.

Druxman has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, Access Hollywood and Home & Family, to name a few. She has also been featured in print publications including Entrepreneur, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Self, Fit Pregnancy, American Baby, and more. Druxman lives and relishes the FIT4MOM mission statement every day, “Helping moms make strides in fitness, motherhood and life.” She resides in San Diego with her husband, son and daughter.

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    David Latten is the Head of Global Indirect Procurement and Supplier Diversity & Equality at Logitech. Lean in as he discusses what he's passionate about, his niche: As of today, despite all our best supplier diversity efforts, only 6.1% of the total US corporate spending goes to Black, women and other under-represented suppliers. The other 94% of corporate spend represents a vast untapped opportunity to positively impact equality. Most of this 94% of non-diverse spend is with very large suppliers. These large, non-diverse organizations employ millions of people across many countries and accrue trillions of revenue each year. These influential companies have the power to shape a gender fair future and in turn we have the power to influence them. We will not achieve gender equality without these large organizations taking a stand. Logitech along with Gender Fair co-founded The Coalition For Gender Fair Procurement with the simple aim of leveraging the multi-trillion dollar spending power of corporate procurement as a lever to provoke urgently needed progress towards gender equality. In coalition with GenderFair, Logitech has started assessing their high impact (high headcount and/or high revenue) suppliers for gender fairness using GenderFair/Ethisphere assessment based on the UN WEPs. We will continue to assess these suppliers each year with the hope and expectation of seeing progress in their gender fairness. We will also look to direct future spend decisions towards gender fair organizations. But this is not enough. We need others to take action with us. It is only by coming together that we can make meaningful progress towards gender equality. Only by uniting as an industry and with one voice asking one simple question; “Are you Gender Fair?” that we can fully unlock our influence for equality. None of us alone can be as influential as all of us together Our ultimate goal is to engender an industry wide change in procurement practices whereby all organizations assess all their high impact suppliers for gender fairness as a matter of course as we do today for risk, privacy, data security etc... and then make spend decisions accordingly. As a coalition we want to create a new procurement standard for gender equality. Finally, we are aware that to amplify the impact of this initiative, and to provoke industry wide change, we need allies. Our impact starts by extending an invitation for other progressive organizations to join Logitech, Gender Fair and Andela as founding members of the coalition.Sponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
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    Naomi Bareket, MBA, is a speaker, NLP trainer, and specialist in “ice breaking” networking and communication. She is also an author of the “The Deep See” and the upcoming books: “NeuroSUCCESSology™ – Life Transformation”, & “The Jewish NLP”.Naomi has broad experience in linguistics, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, neuro-science, and the field of NLP. She has been certified by the American Board of NLP to train NLP and to certify others for practitioner and master levels. Naomi is also the CEO of Bareket Design, an international jewelry design company. Naomi and her Bareket Design sales team have closed business with accounts such as TJ Maxx, Sundance Catalog, Shop NBC, QVC, Beloro and others.Naomi’s passion, charisma and experience in training groups and conducting workshops make her effective both in the private and business sectors.More Info: Naomi BareketSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
  • ML300: Simon Severino (Founder of Strategy Sprints)

    Simon Severino is the Father of 3 and Scaler of Businesses. In 19 years of entrepreneurship, Simon has executed hundreds of go-to-market strategies with B2B teams around the globe. He’s scaled his own consultancy and has retired from operations.  He reached financial freedom and became an investor.  Since then, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach financial freedom and run their business without having to dependent on them…they now get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.Today, Simon shares his blueprints with B2B leaders like you.  He’s excited to help you scale faster than ever.More Info: Strategy SprintsSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
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    Brendon Baker is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change and has consulted on $10B+ transformational change projects across a wide range of industries and organizational sizes. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Valuable Change Co, a management agency that helps leaders keep transformation simple and ensure it pays off. Their clients include high-growth tech firms, well-known Australian household names like AGL and South32, and all three levels of the Australian Government.For many organizations, change often involves long meetings, lots of reports, confusion about the goals, and worry about how long it will take and cost.These complexities make 85% of change initiatives in companies worthless.Brendon has 12+ years experience in change management and believes the profession has over-complicated change management approaches. He has taken it upon himself to simplify it and in doing so help change leaders drive real value. He is also the author of the #1 new book release across multiple categories, Creating High-Value PMOs, which outlines the key reasons project managers keep failing and how they can break out of this administrative death cycle.More Info: Valuable Change Co.Sponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
  • ML298: Dr. Nancy O'Reilly (Founder of WomenConnect4Good, Inc.)

    Meet Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD, a passionate advocate for women’s advancement. By founding Women Connect4Good, Inc., a 501(c)3 foundation, she has dedicated herself to supporting organizations that are working toward the advancement of women and girls. She also holds board positions in several social-profit groups, including the National Women’s History Museum. Dr. Nancy writes impactful books that empower and equip women for success. Her recent titles, In This Together: How Successful Women Support Each Other in Work and Life (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster, January 2019), and Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster, December 2014), have gained recognition and were both released as audiobooks in 2022. Driven by her commitment to advancing gender equity, Dr. Nancy and her team continue to gain momentum with the Lift Women Up campaign. Originally created to complement a PBS documentary highlighting her work championing women’s equality and advancement, #LiftWomenUp emphasizes the daily actions we can all take to advance gender parity and support one another.More Info: Dr. Nancy O'ReillySponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
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    Sean Fahey is the Founder and CEO of VidCruiter, one of the fastest-growing remote recruitment platforms in the world, helping companies attract and hire better talent.75,000+ recruiters use VidCruiter to modernize their hiring.  Their clients include organizations like Samsung, United Nations, Lionsgate, Chicago Bears, and US Foods.Sean has been in the HR industry for 10+ years, and he started VidCruiter after realizing how slow and inefficient traditional hiring processes were when he was tasked with hiring 200 people in 30 days in 2009.Since then, he has spent a lot of time talking to recruiters worldwide to better understand their unique challenges and find appropriate solutions to make them more efficient when hiring. More Info: VidCruiterSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto
  • ML296: Antonio Garrido (Author & President of My Daily Leadership)

    Antonio Garrido is the author of My Daily Leadership: A Powerful Roadmap for Leadership Success. He is also the founder & President of My Daily Leadership, a leadership development organization with a mission to inspire one million of the world’s best leaders to reach their full potential. He is an expert in leadership transformation: shaping high-performance leaders out of highly-stressed and overworked leaders. Antonio blends his own vast commercial experience with proven techniques to embed a unique brand of leadership development. He is a serial entrepreneur, successful business coach, charismatic speaker, and leader.More Info: My Daily LeadershipSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Master Leadership 360 CoachingSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto