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ML269: Edward Tyson (Leader & Author)

“Every step on the journey from expert to executive leads away from your craft. This sentiment is easier to grasp than embrace; and neither grasping nor embracing it is a requirement for reaching the rank, responsibilities, or rewards of an executive.” – wow, a powerful start to an impactful book.Today’s guest, Edward. E. Tyson is a former strategy executive and Marine turned executive coach and organizational consultant. He is also the CEO of PerSynergy Consulting and the best-selling author ofFrom Expert to Executive: Mastering theABCsSOPs of Leading– the book I just read from moments ago.From Expert to Executiveis a business fable about the transition from subject matter expert to enterprise leader. More than just a story about some struggling scientists at a biotech firm, it introduces Ed’sLeadershipSOPsframework and methodology which encourages leaders to develop and deploy personal standard operating procedures for structuring, operating, and perfecting their communities of effort.Before founding PerSynergy nearly 10 years ago, Ed accumulated 20 years of leadership experience in a range of military, non-profit, private, and publicly traded organizations. He received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Pennsylvania State University, and earned his master’s degree in adult organizational development from Temple University.Ed was born in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania but now resides by the sea in San Clemente, California with his wife and the youngest of his two sons.More Info: PerSynergySponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Masterleadership.orgSupport Our Show:Click Here

ML268: William A. Adams (Leader)

William A. Adams is an award-winning D&I innovator, engineering trailblazer, and philanthropist. After rolling out critical XML code globally in many of Microsoft's core products, he was named the first Technical Advisor to the CTO of Azure, Kevin Scott.William has founded and overseen global initiatives that revolutionize how underserved communities access jobs and build careers at the company. As co-founder of the LEAP apprenticeship program –named Microsoft’s D&I Program of the Year in 2020 – he helped launch the training of more than 26 cohorts around the world. Today, 98% of LEAP participants have jobs in Microsoft or other high-tech companies. His most recent collaboration is with the U.S. Virgin Islands to establish and train a technical talent pool and build critical technical infrastructure.Early in his 30-year career in software engineering, William was one of the first Black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Through his company,Adamation, he developed mission-critical custom enterprise apps for Steve Jobs’ NeXT computers and pioneered a network instant messaging service purchased by the CIA. He holds two patents.Today, in addition to his role at Microsoft, William is the philanthropic founder of The EV3NT, a collaborative, community-based hackathon designed to solve real-world problems. When he’s not tinkering with bits and bytes, the husband and father of three builds kitchen cabinets, knits, and tries to recapture the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle in India.More Info: William A. AdamsSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Masterleadership.orgSupport Our Show:Click Here