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ML281: Dr. Jenny Christner (Leader & Innovator)

Dr. Jenny Christner has been a medical education leader and innovator for 20+ years. She has published widely, won several awards and serves on many national medical education committees. Most recently, Dr. Christner founded a consulting company, Christner Strategies, which focuses on her 3 loves. The first is public speaking. As a closet actress, she loves engaging an audience and does so nimbly on a variety of topics. Her favorite talks include "Improv Techniques to Improve Teamwork and Communication" and "Stop Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals." She has been a plenary speaker and retreat opener on numerous occasions. She is also facile with numerous medical education/faculty development topics. Her second love is life coaching. She offers 1:1 coaching and executive coaching packages  as well as Courses on Branding 101 and How to Start Your Own Business. Finally, she is an expert at all things LCME/medical school accreditation. To find out more or to sign up for a course visit


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ML286: Michael Trezza (Founder & CEO of Giant Leaps Learning)

From as early as he can remember, Michael Trezza's world revolved around art, engineering and learning. He studied fine art and painting in college, still plays guitar every day and turned an early passion for programming and technology into his first business while still in college.  Michael spent the next two decades as a technology entrepreneur, creating powerful software solutions and working with businesses from midsize to Fortune 500 companies to position them for exponential growth.Everything changed in 2017 when he found out he and his wife were having a baby girl. Michael immediately began to think differently, and to think about the world he was bringing her into. He began to wonder if today’s educational system was really going to prepare her for what he imagined the future to look like. He wondered what the world was going to look like when she was his age... Being a technology innovator for his entire career, Michael has seen firsthand how rapidly the world has changed and specifically where the current educational system is no longer keeping pace. He believes that we're not preparing our children to be leaders in this increasingly dynamic world.Over the last 3 years, Michael shifted his entire life’s work and mission to better prepare teens with self-awareness, global-awareness and 21st century critical thinking skills. His work and his company, Giant Leaps Learning, is fulfilling his promise to his daughter, to leave the world a better place than when he found it.More Info: Giant Leaps LearningSponsors: Master Your Podcast Course: MasterYourSwagFree Coaching Session: Masterleadership.orgSupport Our Show: Click HereLily's Story: My Trust Manifesto