Tell Me a Story

This podcast series, hosted by Finola Kerrigan and Jack Coffin, features dramatised marketing short stories and accompanying discussion with an expert panel. Originally published in a Special Issue of Marketing Theory, e

The Voice Inside Discussion

Season 1, Ep. 3.2
In this discussion the author, Dr Jennifer Takhar, talks through key themes with Dr Lucy van Der Wiel and Dr Merve Emre. Further ReadingFor more on the nature/culture divide and how it is (re)constructed through consumer culture, see Canniford and Shankar’s (2013) paper and later (2016) book chapter. There was a special plug for the Special Issue, “Presenting Marketing Differently”, by Dr. Tim Hill and Dr. Jack Coffin. Lucie’s work was mentioned a several points. The concept of “consumer sovereignty” was mentioned multiple times. There are many studies on this topic, but Mark Tadajewski provides a useful primer. Feminists have also reflected on the consumer-as-sovereign trope – for instance, Mark Tadajewski in collaboration with Pauline Maclaran, or Shona Bettany’s reflections. Merve's edited volume “Once and Future Feminist” was mentioned, as was the Netflix Series “Master of None”.The work of Barbara Stern was mentioned as a very significant contribution to the ‘literary’ tradition within marketing and consumer research, using literary criticism as a method to deconstruct consumer culture but also as a means to convey marketing ideas. Many papers could be cited, but her feminist literary criticism of advertising is one starting point. Stephen Brown’s paper “Bow to Stern” was also mentioned, providing an excellent analysis and application of Stern’s legacy. Finally, the expert panel mentioned several texts toward the end of the discussion: “My Body in Weeks” by Heather Anderson; “Mothers as Markers of Death” by Claudia Dey; Mieko Kawakami’s “Breasts and Eggs” (Chichi to Ran in Japanese).