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Magic Editor: Conjure Up Stunning Photos with AI

Season 4, Ep. 1

Magic Editor cast a spell over many of us when first teased at Google I/O, and we’re thrilled to see it released following the Made By Google event! Zachary Senzer, Senior Product Manager for Google Photos, joins host Rachid Finge to discuss the team behind the feature, why it was created and exactly how the “magic” works.

Learn more here: A magical new way to become a top creator

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  • 9. Google AI phone at unbeatable value

    Join us as we sit down with a special guest from Google to uncover the secrets of the Pixel 8a, the latest addition to the Pixel family. We delve deep into what makes this mid-range marvel stand out, from its powerful AI capabilities and impressive camera to its commitment to sustainability and long-term software support. Discover how the Pixel 8a is redefining value in the smartphone market, bringing flagship features to a more accessible price point.
  • 8. Don't Trash It, Fix It! The Right to Repair Revolution

    Ready for a tech world where you can fix what you own?   Join us as we celebrate the Right to Repair movement, and push for a more sustainable and consumer-friendly future.We'll explore why repairing should be easy, affordable, and a joyful act of ownership and how Google is driving meaningful changes in legislation to support a consumer's right to repair.We'll uncover the hidden potential of the things we already have and how fixing them ourselves empowers us.  Plus, we'll spotlight a tech leader changing the game: Google's Pixel. Learn how Pixel is being designed from the ground up to make its phones easier to repair and help usher in a new era of repairable tech.
  • 7. Wrist Revolution: Making the most of your Pixel Watch

    Join us as we sit down with Ryan Krems, a product manager with over a decade of experience in the world of wearables. From his early days at Fitbit to the Google Pixel Watch, Ryan shares his unique insights into the incredible transformation of wearable technology. Discover how constraints like battery life and size have been overcome, and how wearables have evolved from simple health trackers to powerful, all-day companions. We'll explore the role of Wear OS, the integration of Fitbit's health features, and get a glimpse into the exciting future of wearable innovation.
  • 6. Circle (or highlight or scribble) to Search

    Struggling to find what you need on your phone? There's a new sheriff in town, and its name is Circle to Search!  This episode dives into this game-changing feature that lets you ditch the app-switching shuffle and search directly from your screen. Imagine – spotting a delicious recipe on Instagram, circling the dish, and instantly finding it online. Or seeing a head-turning outfit on TikTok and hunting down similar styles with a tap.  Join us as we explore the power of Circle to Search and unlock a whole new way to search on Android!
  • 5. Get Ready to 'Wow!' Pixel Video Boost Upgrades Your Videos

    Tired of disappointing videos that look grainy and shaky? Pixel 8 Pro's Video Boost is here to transform your footage! We spoke with product managers Kevin Fu and Lillian Chen, who revealed the secret sauce: by harnessing the power of the cloud, Video Boost applies Google's advanced HDR+ algorithm to the entirety of your video. The result? Studio-quality visuals, even in challenging low-light situations.
  • 4. Tired of Outdated Phones? The Pixel's 7-Year Update Plan Might Be Your Answer

    Google recently made a splash by announcing an industry-leading 7 years of software updates for its Pixel smartphones. But what does this actually mean for users? In this episode, we sit down with Seang Chau, Google's VP of Devices & Services Software, to break down this unprecedented move.
  • 3. Conquering Your Zzz's with Fitbit

     March is Sleep Awareness Month, and with busy schedules and endless to-do lists, quality sleep often gets pushed aside. But this year, Fitbit is here to help you prioritize your slumber and unlock the power of a good night's rest. Learn more from Dr. Conor Heneghan, PhD, Senior Staff Research Scientist, and Dr. Logan Schneider, M.D., Clinical Lead for Sleep Health.
  • 2. Sounds Like Pixel Perfect: Designing the Sonic Identity of Your Google Phone

    Have you ever stopped to appreciate the satisfying clicks, chimes, and melodies that bring your Pixel phone to life? In this episode, we journey into the unseen world of sound design with the Pixel Sounds team, the talented minds behind the unique auditory identity of your Google phone.
  • 1. Get Ready to Fall in Love with Your Pixel (Again)

    Pixel fans, hold onto your hats! The March Feature Drop is here, and we're diving into the coolest new features. From new productivity tools to advanced health features, prepare to be wowed!