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  • 7. Superfans Ask: Your Questions Answered

    Join us as we answer questions submitted by our passionate Pixel Superfan community. We'll cover a wide range of topics, from the latest Pixel features to your most burning questions about Google's hardware and software ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned Pixel user or just curious about what all the buzz is about, this episode is for you.Learn more about Pixel Superfans here:

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  • 6. Chip Chat

    New chip, new episode with Prasad! Rachid Finge is sitting down with Prasad Modali,  one of the experts behind Tensor, to learn about the powerhouse chip that’s powering Pixel’s latest devices.
  • 5. Pixel Watch: Keeping You Safe and Sound

    This week, Pixel Safety expert Jill Fairchild joins Rachid to discuss how the latest safety updates on the Google Pixel Watch 2 came to life, including new features like Safety Check and Emergency Sharing. 
  • 4. You Sound Great

    You’re going to want to hear this! Make some noise for Pol Peiffer, product manager, who joins host Rachid Finge to walk us through the latest feature updates and improvements to Pixel Buds Pro.
  • 3. Heart Rate Tracking: A Whole New Pulse

    Our next guest doesn’t miss a beat - DeCarlos Love, product management lead for Fitbit and Google Pixel Watch, returns to the MBG Podcast to answer all our questions about heart rate tracking. Join host Rachid Finge as we discover how Google and Fitbit developed the best heart rate tracking yet!To learn more visit:
  • 2. Audio Magic Eraser: Erase the Noise, Keep the Voice

    The wind at the beach, the noisy crowd at a concert. If they're ruining your videos, then Audio Magic Eraser, sister-feature to the ever-popular Magic Eraser, is here to the rescue. Lu Silverstein and Lillian Chen join Rachid to chat about how this feature came to be - and the AI of it all!Learn more about how AI-powered video and photo editing tools on Pixel phones can help your content stand out on social media here.
  • 1. Magic Editor: Conjure Up Stunning Photos with AI

    Magic Editor cast a spell over many of us when first teased at Google I/O, and we’re thrilled to see it released following the Made By Google event! Zachary Senzer, Senior Product Manager for Google Photos, joins host Rachid Finge to discuss the team behind the feature, why it was created and exactly how the “magic” works.Learn more here: A magical new way to become a top creator