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Made by Google Podcast

Google I/O 2023: Introducing Pixel’s Newest Devices

Season 3, Ep. 1

In with the new! To kick off the Season 3 of the Made By Google podcast, host Rachid Finge covers the three new Pixel devices just announced at Google I/O: Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

Experts on each addition to the Pixel portfolio - product managers George Hwang, Justin Savich and Chris Chan - join Rachid to discuss the innovative features and designs, how they came to be and how the latest Google technology powers them. 

Check out this article on the design philosophy behind these devices - we’ll be sure to invite the team to a future episode.

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  • 8. Folding in Your Questions

    In the season finale of the Made by Google Podcast, Rachid Finge takes questions from Pixel Superfans about the brand new Pixel Fold to Product Manager George Hwang. Find out what it's like for the team behind Google's first foldable phone to wait for the first product reviews to come out, and why the launch of a device marks a beginning, not an end. The Made by Google Podcast will return for another season later in 2023.
  • 7. Re: Body

    Fitbit is best known for tracking your activity, workouts, heart rate, and sleep, but Fitbit also has a long history in stress management.In this episode of the Made by Google Podcast, Rachid Finge talks to some of the creators of Body Response, one of the most impressive stress managing features that Fitbit has to offer. Elena Perez, Samy Abdel-Ghaffar, and Isaac Galatzer-Levy discuss how Body Response came to be, what it measures, and how it can help Fitbit users live a more mindful life. They also explore ways in which Fitbit can aid in mental well-being. 
  • 6. There's No App Like Google Home

    We’ve talked about the new devices launched at this year’s I/O - now it’s time to talk about apps! Including the brand new Home Panel that just launched on Pixel devices, including the brand new Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. Google Home’s director of product Anish Kattukaran joins us to discuss all the helpful and easy ways the newly redesigned Google Home app creates the best place to set up, control and automate your smart home.Learn more here:
  • 5. Everything You Need to Know About the June Pixel Feature Drop

    Our latest Feature Drop is here and it’s jam-packed with health and safety updates for your Pixel and Fitbit devices. Updates begin rolling out to devices today and will continue over the next few weeks.In this episode, host Rachid Finge welcomes back Product Director, Shenaz Zack to explain exactly what are feature drops and how some of our latest updates will help keep you safe, healthy and more.Learn more here: 
  • 4. The Unsung Heroes of Pixel: Clock, Calculator, and Recorder

    Google’s Pixel Essentials team aims to develop helpful app experiences that improve everyday tasks and find ways to make things simpler, easier, and more thoughtfully designed. In this episode, host Rachid Finges speaks with product manager Kristi Bradford to discuss the story behind the Clock, Calculator and Recorder app on your Pixel.
  • 3. Pixel Perfect: A Look at the Design of Google's Latest Devices

    Google's Industrial Design team has been hard at work lately, combining fine arts with innovative technology to design the latest additions to the Pixel portfolio. In this episode, host Rachid Finge sits down with three of Google's expert designers - Ivy Ross, Isabellele Olsson, and Claude Zellweger - for a closer look at how the designs of the Pixel 7a, Fold, and Tablet came to be.Learn more:
  • 2. Android Goes Big: Meet Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet

    Earlier this month, we kicked off Season 3 with the announcement of the expanded Pixel product lineup at Google I/O. Today, host Rachid Finge zooms in on Android software powering the larger form factor of two of those devices: Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.Experts Allen Huang and Andrea Zvinakis join Rachid to discuss how they’re helping bring a better Android experience to large screen devices, including changes to Android’s OS design and apps that you use everyday. 
  • 8. Inside the Pixel: A Conversation with Google's Product Director

    In this final episode of season two, Google Pixel Product Director and Precious Pixel Perfectionist Shenaz Zack joins us to talk about how her team transforms day-to-day problems into helpful experiences.In conversation with our host, Rachid Finge, they discuss her memories from the first Pixel launch, her favourite features of the Pixel phone, and how her team finds user problems to solve.To compare the different Pixels that Google offer see here: