#C1070_210909_Alex Spiro Latsis: EdTech for future learning

Ep. 1079

In the fourth episode of the warm-up with Lørn.tech x OiW, Silvija meets the managing partner of Brighteye Ventures, Alex Spiro Latsis. Brighteye Ventures is the leading EdTech fund in Europe, and its goal is to find and invest in technology companies that help people learn. In the conversation, Alex describes Brighteye Ventures' ambitions for the future of Edtech, explains what is so special about the Nordic Edtech community, and reveals why Brighteye Venture chooses to invest in European entrepreneurs and startups. OiW is fast approaching, and Alex is a speaker on the track "Startup and Entrepreneurial Ventures".

— Tech is business now, and its room for everyone


This is what you will learn:

Founding in EdTech

Direct consumer education

The Nordic EdTech community

Innovation in the Nordic

Recommended literatur:

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