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Death Vaxxers (2021 Vaccine Zombies Book 1)

Season 1, Ep. 7

When you're not the target market for the vaccine, zombie, superhero, exploding people and sloths book, it does make it hard to enjoy. But here we are with Death Vaxxers the first book (and the only one we'll be reviewing) in John P Logsdon's 2021 Vaccine Zombies series).

Natasha and Damien despite leaving COVID-erotica, we're still in a world of questionable science and improbable love-interests. Although the world-building of the questionable science is markedly better.

Join Natasha and Damien for irresistible nerds with magic powers and questionable ideas about appropriate behaviour in Death Vaxxers.

Rating out of five masks:

Natasha: 😷😷😷

Damien: 😷😷😷

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