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Covid Cupid: Finding love in the new plague

Season 1, Ep. 13

Like Icarus, Natasha and Damien flew too close to the sun; the wax has melted from the wings of a fantastic crime novella from the perspective of a crow, to dive to the depths of a bonkers Tinder fuelled COVID romance. This may be our lowest moment.

COVID Cupid (Book 1) is a rough draft of a series of vignettes where, admittedly, the dire state of dating is definitely on show. If anything, this is yet another item of proof that there's a gap in the market for editors of self-published short stories.

Natasha and Damien find out how to solve a crime from an unexpected perspective.

Rating out of five masks:

Natasha: 🤷🏻‍♀️ (she's got nothing)

Damien: 😷 (for managing to navigate the Amazon publishing portal, also not racist which has been a struggle for a lot of these books)

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