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THE NACHOS Chapter!!! Also, Hot Topics, Love is Blind, You on Netflix, Tiktok trends, and more!!!

Ep. 91

NACHOS!!!!! We're ripping into everything we love to hate this week, from Hot Topics, Love is Blind, Netflix You & more! Jodie convinces Amanda to start binging the new season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so stay tuned for next week! PLUS, we're reading Christine's chapter in BECOMING SISTER WIVES!

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*Tier 1: "90 DAY JOURNEY: Danielle & Mohammad"

*Tiers 2+: Sister Wives S6 E3 "Big Boy Panties"


"90 DAY JOURNEY: Danielle & Mohammad"



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Monday, May 15, 2023

Free Patreon Preview: Teen Mom OG S5 E2 "Back to School"

Ep. 101
*Hey all! Here is a free preview of a new Tier on our Patreon (patreon.com/lovetohatetv)*Amanda Loves to Hate Teen Mom has returned after QUITE the hiatus, and you can listen to the entire backlog of over 200 episodes, as well as new weekly episodes at either the $3 AL2H tier, or on Tier 2+, which also features all of our throwback Sister Wives recaps and our entire catalog of episodes from Jodie and Amanda back over 5 years! Teen Mom OG S5 E2 "Back to School"Ohhh HELL YAH! I was a little nervous about going back into the lion's den here, but it was like a warm blanket wrapping me up! I missed these gals! On this episode, there is no Farrah (oh imagine a world with no Farrah???). Maci and Taylor day drink while talking about all those parents out there who obviously don't love their kids because they can't take time off work, Ty monitors Cate's eating habits while scarfing food as if hes carbo loading for a marathon, and Amber and Gary do some ticklin' and layin' around! Also....someone needs to investigate the parallels between The Browns and Cate and Ty's families because something is going ON. Enjoy!!!Join our closed/private Facebook Group "We Love to Hate TV"WE LOVE TO HATE TV *Tier 1: "Law & Order SVU S12 E22 "Bang"*Tiers 2+: Sister Wives S6 E16 "Tragedy in the Family" with Date with Dateline's KimberlyTOTAL REQUEST PODCAST"Law & Order SVU S12 E22 "Bang"link.chtbl.com/wlthewww.lovetohatepod.com