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  • 12. The Barbie Takeover

    This month Yolandi and Ceryn channel their inner movie reviewers as Love, Light and Bullshit Bingo goes to Barbieland!After seeing the recent Barbie movie - one willingly and one much less so - the pair discuss what it reflected to them about life, womanhood, feminine power and more. They ask us all to consider what Barbie might have to remind us about ourselves, the world and, of course, all things spiritual.

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  • 11. Pissing off the Patriarchy

    When we think of all that needs to change in the world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. But what if the best way to really start pissing off the patriarchy began at home?This isn't an instruction from us to stop marching, shouting, donating and more. But it is a reminder that sometimes the biggest changes begin when we turn inwards and face ourselves and all of the discomfort we may find there.And from there, if we can only take the time to connect with and learn about the world around us, we'll do the one thing patriarchy really doesn't want: build bridges and join forces until we become bigger than any force that might wish to oppose us.Join Yolandi and Ceryn as they talk through the subject of sacred activism and connection, and their own journeys of pissing off the patriarchy in a world and an industry determined to keep playing it safe.
  • 10. Who are you?

    Who are you?Really though, outside of the job titles, relationships and ideas of who you should be in order to fit in?In true Eclipse season style, today's episode comes to you on the back of some breakdowns and breakthroughs both Yolandi and Ceryn have been having around their own relationships to work, spirituality and themselves. So join us on a deep dive into the relationship between purpose and work, between spirituality and identity and, most importantly of all, the relationships we have with ourselves.
  • 9. Alignment

    Alignment: that glowing, mystical quality that the wellness world is only too keen to tell us is the ultimate goal... just as long as we're willing to spend thousands to reach it. And it's true - the feeling of being in alignment with ourselves is a beautiful and powerful one that we all deserve to find. But that doesn't mean it's a one-size fits all quality, nor a single-point destination that we can reach with a simple ten-step coaching package. In this episode, Yolandi and Ceryn talk about their own ongoing journeys with alignment, and the power that can be found when we allow ourselves to go deeper and deeper into all that we've always known that we are.And as we journey through 2023 together, we want to hear from you. Do you have a question you'd like to ask or a topic you want to hear us talk about? Contact - we'd love to hear from you!This episode is also available on YouTube for those who would prefer to watch rather than listen.
  • 8. The Bitch is Back!

    When was the last time you allowed your own inner bitch to come out?In our first episode for 2023, Yolandi and Ceryn discuss their intentions to unleash their own wild bitches over the year ahead before considering exactly why those parts of us were shut away in the first place. From the ways in which our societies train women to be docile and pretty, to the spiritual industry that has convinced us judgment and ferocity are things to be ashamed of, this month's Love Light and Bullshit Bingo is talking all things bitch and asking, are you ready to bring back your own bitch?
  • 7. Drama llama: Destroyer of power

    How often do you find yourself falling into a place of drama because of your worries about how a situation might unfold or the experiences you've had in the past? On this month's episode, Yolandi and Ceryn talk about those dramas we can all find ourselves in at times, and remind us of just how much that robs us of our power. A power that can only be found when we come back to ourselves and remember that we are the only authority that really counts. As they talk action, courage, embodiment and more, this month's Love, Light and Bullshit Bingo encourages you to consider the intentions that really matter as we head towards 2023.
  • 6. The Guru Complex

    We live in a world so keen to send us outside of ourselves for wisdom, answers and validation - nowhere more so than in the world of spirituality where teachers and influencers are only too keen to adopt the moniker of guru. But that's a dangerous path, and one that's only ever likely to take us further from the power and truth that lie within us. Join Yolandi and Ceryn as they journey into this idea of the Western guru and the many ways it shows up within our lives and societies, before talking more about how and where we can break out of that mindset and come back to a place of sovreignty over our own energies, hearts and minds.