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Please Note: By listening to this podcast, you are consenting to being shocked, riled up and, quite possibly, appalled. But, why stop now? Every Tuesday & Friday, join Robyn Richford & Sophie Brown to hear blunt honesty about relationships...

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  • 95. Adult Life: I Got A New Job! I Brought A Flat!

    Join Robyn and Sophie as they discuss adult life, with a general catch up. Sophies new Job and Robyn's new Flat! ----- A Create Podcast
  • 94. Alcohol: I can exclusively say that I am NOT pregnant

    Join Robyn and Sophie as they discuss Alcohol. Situations where want to drink a mocktail and how social drinking can be a bit to much now days! Also Sophie let's us know what type of Summer she will be having! ----- A Create Podcast
  • 93. Friends In Relationships: IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!

    Join Robyn and Sophie as they discuss friends who are in relationships. How to tackle conversations when that relationship is on the rock's and you are friends with both of them. Also was Robyn right to get angry at the friend who brought her boyfriend to her all girls birthday night out? ----- A Create Podcast
  • 92. Spring Time: Thing's Go A Little Of Track

    Spring has sprung. Join Robyn and Sophie as they discuss if it is time for a fresh start, or do we continue on the same path???Plus the girls go on some very strange tangents.  ----- A Create Podcast
  • 91. Going Abroad: A Hen Do And A 30th Abroad Are Equally Important

    Have you been invited to an event abroad? Hen do? Wedding Birthday? Is it ok to say I can't go because of how much it will cost? Or if you wanted to use your annual leave for something else? And at what point does a Big birthday become just as equally important as a wedding?You can join us on Friday for your bonus episode of Loose Lips Extra Lippy! Have your most burning and urgent dilemmas answered with the sage and expert wisdom of Robyn and Sophie as they tackle everything from ghosting to co-worker romance.  Send in your dilemmas, questions or topics to or drop a WhatsApp message or voice note starting with the word "LIPS" to 07599 927537. ----- A Create Podcast
  • 90. Extra Lippy: "If he doesn't text then I don't show"

    Welcome to your extra dose of Loose Lips: Extra Lippy! You've been sending in your dilemmas and this week Matt is wondering what why he keeps getting unmatched on Hinge! The girls also discuss if you should text a date before the date!Should you expect a text the same day as your date? Send in your dilemmas questions or topics to, catch us on Instagram @thelooselipspodcast, or drop the girls a WhatsApp message or voice note starting with the word "LIPS" to 07599 927537. ---A Create Podcast