A Locavore is person who choses to consume food that is grown, raised or produced locally, here on the Sunshine Coast

A Locavore is person who choses to consume food that is grown, raised or produced locally, here on the Sunshine CoastThis is the Locavore Podcast, hosted by Roz WhiteBrought to you by White's IGAProduced by Podspot

Nutworks - Sarah Leonard "Just a good Aussie Nut"

Season 1, Ep. 18
Every once in a while you come across an idea so simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. And so it was, when four Sunshine Coast macadamia growers passionate about their product founded Nutworks in 1993. The idea? To create a central facility purpose-built to crack and sort the region’s macadamias for supply to local businesses.As a result of this kernel of an idea, Nutworks was born. The original processing plant was built in the Noosa Hinterland at Verrierdale, and supplied hand-sorted raw kernel to local stores for roasting and flavouring.As with all great business ideas, it didn’t take long for the venture to really take off. Due to ever increasing demand for Nutworks’ products, a new processing factory was built in Yandina in 1996 to enable significantly higher production volumes. As part of the major redevelopment, a café, retail shop and tourist facilities were also incorporated into the new Nutworks.What’s more, 2002 saw a further evolution as Nutworks began production of chocolate and confectionery products. As a result, our wide variety of chocolates and sweets now form an integral part of our range.Welcome Sarah...And so from humble beginnings, Nutworks has now grown to employ over 60 people. Our products are exported worldwide, and we are recognised globally for our commitment to quality. We will continue to grow, but will always remain faithful to the passion instilled in our company by our founders over 20 years ago.

Montville Coffee - Karen and Lucie Barnett "It was a turning point, knowing I could call on my courage"

Season 1, Ep. 15
Welcome to the locavores podcast - I’m Roz White and this is the podcast where we dig deep into the stories behind the hundreds of locally sourced, artisan, bespoke and innovative products available to you in one location at White’s IGA on the Sunshine Coast.Our locavore program was officially launched in 2013 to showcase and highlight to our customers, where their food came from and help connect them to the families who create it. It is my sincere pleasure to welcome two very special guests today who are making a glorious impression through the beautiful flavours they create, but very importantly whilst doing that, are having a transformative impact on people’s lives. Karen and Lucie Barnett of Montville Coffee, a family-ownedbusiness based on the Sunshine Coast and a locavore supplier to White’s IGA, embody the values they state are important to them by demonstrating positive action to support coffee farming communities and the protection of the environment through their longstanding relationship with Fair Trade.Their award-winning coffee has been recognised by Industry at the Coffee roasting awards for excellence and their efforts acknowledged as the first fair trade certified coffee roaster in Queensland and first B Corp organisation in the Sunshine Coast region.Welcome Karen & LucieBecome A LocavoreFollow White's IGA on Facebook