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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Creating Community - One Song at a Time

In this special feature episode, CNS producer Andrew Connelly explores Vermont's tight-knit and vibrant music scene through conversations with young artists. This episode was produced and hosted by Andrew Connelly. Special thanks to all of the artists featured in this episode. Be sure to check out their music below. Artists and songs: (in order of interview appearance)Lily SeabirdFeatured Song: "Fire Song," Collins and Emma Downie (Rose McCann Band)Featured Songs: “Please Yourself” and “305”Spotify: Sturke (Moondogs)Featured Songs: “Waves” and “Another Life”Spotify: Diener and Jack Cattabiani (The Big Sip)Featured Song: “Smirk”Spotify: Showers on VacationFeatured Song: “Space Trash”Spotify: