Living Room Logic – Irish Science Podcast

Living Room Logic asks Irish experts about the pressing issues and latest science news including Neuroscience, Evolution, the Future of Medicine, AI, Mankind and the Climate. The show is hosted by two scientists working in Ireland: Andrew McGovern, a neuroscientist best known as @scientistireland on TikTok & Dr Aidan Long, a climate expert and seafarer. Together we want to help you keep informed and up to date. This work is solely supported by our listeners on Patreon (

Andrew McGovern

Andrew is a budding neuroscientist who firmly believes the future of medicine has sex in mind. Careful now you little minx, he studies sex differences in risk of diseases like Alzheimer's and in mental health. Currently a bioscience teacher in university, he loves sharing his passions with his students and, well, anyone who will listen. Last year Andrew won the audience price in the regional and all Ireland FameLab finals, Irelands biggest science communication competition. So he should be a decent podcast host, probably.

Aidan Long

Aidan is a marine biologist who will never stop talking. So in other words, he is a natural when it comes to science podcasting. He recently finished his PhD studying jellyfish, a group of animals that most people couldn't care less about. But that's okay, because he cares, and suddenly feels his opinions are worth your attention. One day when jellyfish take over the world and chastise the human race, Aidan will be spared due to his unwavering loyalty to them, and all will be well.