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LS8 11: [Interview] The Symphony of Sense8 With Music Editor Ethan Stoller

In this episode, Sheila ( and Zac interview Ethan Stoller , composer, producer and music editor. 

Ethan has worked on several projects with the Wachowskis, including Sense8, for which he is the music editor and an additional composer. He also produced a couple of the series' iconic music moments, including the Bollywood remix from Season 1 and the "Hallelujah" montage from the Season 2 holiday special.

Discover the rush of obstacles and synchronicity that resulted in the Hallelujah montage exceeding all creative expectations.

Ethan reflects upon his 33-year relationship with Lilly and Lana which began in high-school and he talks about what makes working with Lana unique.

Are you dying to know what Matrix tribute is always found in the Wachowski’s offices? 

Make sure you listen to the end to hear the answers to this and your questions from twitter.

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