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LS8 33 Fear Never Fixed Anything

Ep. 33

In this episode of Live Sense8, Zac and Sheila dive deep into, Fear Never Fixed Anything, Episode 5 in Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Like most Sense8 Episodes, there is a lot of conscious awesomeness going on here.

Sheila and Zac explore what happiness truly is and whether it is possible to bring a childlike wonder into our adult lives.

Politics have always been a tricky topic to navigate. Can a desire to keep things polite and civil interfere with our progress as a human race? Will conscious people claiming their voices and reaching out to each other be the force that evolves our world to a more peaceful way of being?

Does diving deep into the messages of this series give us a window into why it was canceled? What can we do to honor the Creators messages?

Have a listen and share your thoughts with us.

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