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Live sense8, a podcast hosted by Sheila Applegate and Zac Hansen, is an episode by episode exploration of one of Netflix’s most beloved shows. (Anyone in the Global Cluster of Sensates will confirm how beloved Sense8 rea

LS8 34 : Isolated Above, Connected Below

Ep. 34
In this episode of the Live Sense8 Podcast, Zac and Sheila dive deep into, Isolated Above Connected Below, Season 2 episode 6 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.“I sometimes forget that life’s not just full of surprises it's also full of gifts” Capheus Sense8This episode like many is filled with surprise gifts or Easter Eggs, including at least three Sense8 Super Powers in the Archipelago Scene.You already know about the epic hair Dave Walsh showcased in this scene, but Zac discovered two other Sense8 Gems in this scene. Who else have you spotted in the Archipelago scene?For the first time in 34 episodes of Live Sense8, Sheila is stumped by the Episode title. While the title makes sense for much of the episode, throughout the series in each episode a scene is highlighted with the title line giving more depth to its meaning. In this episode when the line “Isolated Above, Connected Below” appears, it seems to have almost a mirror meaning and Sheila is determined to wrap her mind around the placement.How many people in our world are living life in a state of numbness or disconnect? In their attempt to hide from BPO Sensates get creative in their attempt to hide their higher connections.As humans, many of us seem to do the same.But as Old Man Hoy Says…“Life on beta blockers is no life at all” Old Man Hoy #Sense8Spring Boarding off Old Man Hoy’s conversation with Riley, about the origin of BPO and how its original intention has been highjacked through the years, Sheila and Zac discuss secrecy and the nature of Sapiens.Unfortunately, too many of us can relate to Old Man Hoy with he says…“I am slowly dying of survival” Old Man Hoy # Sense8Which is why we must always remember…“Luck is something that reminds you how beautiful the world can be” Zakia #Sense8Zac and Sheila explore what it is to truly live and so much more.Have a listen and let us know what you think.Grab your tickets to the Live recoding of the Sense 8 podcast with Sheila, Zac, and the cast!!