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Episode 4 - Stale Oats and a Pail of Milk pt. 2

Season 1, Ep. 4

Hello and welcome back to Fantasy Cribs. I'm Aldous Yeardley, a man with a bowel problem and a concerning fascination for worms. Today I'm going to show you around my traditional 18th century home.

As they say: "man cannot live on bread alone". So I invested in this pail of milk. Perfect for keeping my frail Victorian bones big and strong. They also say don't trust the banks, so I store all of my worldly possessions behind a one of a kind bum worm in the cupboard beside my desk. You might have also noticed I have a visitor. I used to live alone but life in a two bedroom terrace house can get lonely. So now I live with a man I don't remember ordering on-the-line. He loves painting and decorating so, in return for his friendship, I clothe him and teach him of the marvels of the cosmos. Thanks to my dear petal Ivy for keeping me on the straight and narrow all these years. I wouldn't have all this money without you.

This episode Zoë, Katie, Lucy and Steve live vicariously through their characters and go shopping. Sam definitely didn't have to cuttwo hours of shopping down to 20 minutes. That's definitely not a thing that happened.

Enjoy your time at our table and feel free to pull up a chair anytime on twitter @LovecraftDnD.


Written and produced by: Sam McKay

Snookums D'Joliver: Dr Steve "Aromat" Cross

Brogargh Draconian: Lucy "not like other horse-girls" Eckersley

Baccho: Katie Hunter

Ivy Ignatio Flores III: Zoë "knows lots of words" McGee


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Episode 3 - Stale Oats and a Pail of Milk pt.1

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Thank you for calling Live, Laugh, Lovecraft - the UK's premiere supplier of cross-stitching paraphernalia. Unfortunately we have been unable to connect you to a member of our team. If you are calling to complain about the lack of Lovecraftian horror in the "Lovecraftian Horror Actual Play Podcast" of the same name: please press 1. If you are calling to purchase a catalogue of developing story threads: press 2. If you are calling to inquire as to the origins of the phrase "cross stitch" redirect your enquiry to @steve_x on Twitter dot com.This episode we are back to our usual high quality programming: meet the mysterious Aldous Yeardley, discover the delights contained within his kitchen and find out what's in the box full of man we've been carrying around town....Enjoy your time at our table and feel free to pull up a chair anytime on twitter @LovecraftDnD.Written and produced by: Sam McKaySnookums D'Joliver: Dr Steve "I'll do anything for money" Cross Brogargh Draconian: Lucy "I once received a tapeworm in the mail on Valentines day" EckersleyBaccho: Katie HunterIvy Ignatio Flores III: Zoë "Let them eat cake" McGeeFollow us on Twitter - Steve - Lucy - Zoë - Sam - Michael's soundscapes and support him here: