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How can we raise more African unicorns? RE-RELEASE

Season 1, Ep. 36

We're re-releasing this episode because we want more of you to hear it. We’re talking about billion dollar companies in Africa: unicorns. Tech people use the word ‘unicorn’ to describe start-ups with valuations of over a billion dollars. In 2020, there were over 500 unicorns worldwide. But only seven of these were African.

So, what are we doing wrong? Or what we can do more right? How can we raise more African unicorns? To find out Claude asked an investor, an entrepreneur and an educator:

Thami Pooe a South African media entrepreneur and social-impact educator. He runs Engage Media, which produces a podcast called “Unicorn”.

Maya Horgan Famodu is a young American-Nigerian venture capitalist and head of Ingressive Capital. She’s invested in some of the biggest start-ups in Africa and offered a valuable perspective.

Rebecca Enonchong is a Cameroonian entrepreneur. She is one of the continent’s most powerful business women. She has set up tech businesses in the USA, UK and Canada as well as many African countries.

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