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  • 1. Life's a Wreck

    Welcome to the podcast! In this episode, Life's a Wreck, So Here's a Podcast host Kyle Moore details the plan for the show, its growth, and what he hopes it can become for men dealing with a lack of mental and physical wellness. This is the first of many steps we'll take together on the path to a better, stronger, healthier and happier you. These next 20 minutes are just for you, so sit back, relax, grab the SPF 50 and a cold drink because we're about to set sail. Life's a wreck, so here's the podcast.Support the show

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  • 2. Fishing for Expectations

    In this episode, Life's a Wreck host Kyle Moore gives insight into how expectations can play a large role in the lives of men living with mental illness. He also talks about them being like there's that. Expectations can be used in many different ways in our day to day lives but focussing expectations can be incredibly helpful on the road to a better mental state and relationship with yourself.Support the show
  • 3. Self-Validation and Spiderman, Spiderman, Mentally Ill Spiderman

    In this episode, Life's a Wreck, So Here's a Podcast host Kyle Moore talks about the importance of self-validation and how it's an incredibly important aspect of life for men dealing with mental health issues. He goes in depth about how his own relationship with self-validation is still something he struggles with and how he believes it's the key to unlocking a healthier you. He also asks the age old question....What came first? The chicken or a sad, sad little egg?Support the show
  • 4. Rest and Bro...Just Chill

    This week on the podcast, Life's a Wreck, So Here's a Podcast host Kyle Moore talks about one of the most under-utilized aspects of mental health and physical Simply giving your body and mind the chance to recover and rejuvenate can have a massive impact on your overall health. So pull up a chair, turn on the podcast, try not to fall asleep (we don't blame you if you do though, Kyle can be...dull) and get some rest, it's more important than you think. Support the show
  • 5. Life's a Wreck, So Here's Matthew Scianitti

    Kyle sits down with Matthew Scianitti to talk about the importance of self-confidence, self-awareness and even how to keep your cool around Drake. We all know life's a wreck, and so does our first guest, the one and only, Matthew Scianitti. Support the show
  • 6. Coming to Terms With Mental Illness Because Welcome to Life, Hit Me

    This week on Life's a Wreck, So Here's a Podcast, Kyle goes in depth about the importance and the emotions surrounding coming to terms with your mental illness. He also speaks to some of the issues that men with mental illness and a lack of mental health face from a society where self-diagnosing has become a prevalent issue. Grab your popcorn and get ready because this episode promises to amuse you, slightly entertain you, and leave you thinking "I mean it's ok I guess." Support the show
  • 7. Sports, The Mental Health Game Changer

    This week on Life's a Wreck, So Here's a Podcast, host, and all around mediocre athlete Kyle Moore goes in-depth about his relationship with sports and how it influenced his life at a time where he needed it the most. Our physical and mental health is intertwined and participation in sports is a great way to kickstart your mental health journey, build community and find confidence in yourself you may not know even existed. Life's a Wreck, so let's get off our asses, get out there, and play some sports.  Support the show