Life's a Wreck

  • 85. Ep85: Building through Authenticity Ft. Mid-Day Squares Co-Fouder Jake Karls

    Authenticity, what a can of worms. A beautiful gift of self acceptance, an appreciation of the wreck that you are and something that we for some reason forgo in the face of formality. Since working for a startup accelerator I've been privy to an entrepreneurial mindset of needing to build at the sake of authenticity. Be what you think an employer or partner wants you to be, hide your personality for the sake of your venture, "I aM a BuSInESS pErSoN." The examples go on and on and what I find so funny is that the advice from some of the most successful people I know contradicts the need to hide your authentic self. Building through authenticity is a way to avoid burnout, incorporate more fun into your day-to-day, and avoid creating something that doesn't serve your purpose. Our guest today is a fantastic example of this. Join Mid-Day Squares CoFounder, Rain Maker, Dancing Machine, Hype Man and Public Speaker Jake Karls and I as we explore Jake's entrepreneurial journey, talk mental health, and dive into the beautifully deep waters of authenticity. Connect with Jake and Mid-Day Squares on Social Media Instagram - @jakekarls_Instagram - middaysquaresLinkedIN - Jake KarlsLinkedIN - Mid-Day SquaresYoutube - Mid-Day SquaresConnect with Kyle and Life's a Wreck on Social Media Instragram - @moorzyyyInstragram - @lifesawreckpodcastYoutube - Life's A Wreck
  • 84. Ep84: Stacking Wins and Failing to Success Ft. Max Browne

    Gratitude is a powerful facilitator of wellness. It also helps us grow and learn from moments where we fall short or stumble along our journeys. Today on Life's a Wreck, I sit down with content creator and former #1 football recruit in all of America, Max Browne, to celebrate failure, the power of a growth mindset and identity. Our conversation has something for everyone but make sure to share with an athlete in your life. Max's wisdom is something every young person who dreams of competing at a high level should listen to. Oh, how wonderful it is to fail.  Follow the Max on Instagram @maxbrowne Follow the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IGFollow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGWatch an extended Interview with today's guest on our Youtube Channel
  • 83. Ep83: Canada, Let's Get Connected! Ft. GenWell Founder Pete Bombaci

    When I mention "health," what comes to mind? The terms "physical health" or "mental health" ( I mean, you're listening to a mental health podcast, so I can imagine that one might pop up quite quickly) hitting the gym, eating well, doctors? Great words, but I'm curious: did the terms "social, connections or relationships" cross your mind? Often overlooked, studies have shown time and again that one of the most important overall contributors to general wellness, regardless of nationality, background and lifestyle, is the quality of the relationships in our lives. We take care of our physical health and our mental health, but so many of us don't think twice about our social health. That's something today's guest is trying to change. Founder of the GenWell Project, Canada's human connection movement, Pete Bombaci, joins me today to talk about the importance of connecting as a means to maintain and elevate our sense of wellness. Keep up to date with the GenWell Project on their website: the GenWell Project on InstagramFollow the GenWell Project on TwitterFollow the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGWatch an extended Interview with today's guest on our Youtube ChannelSupport the show
  • 82. Ep82: Exploring The Transformative Potential of Magic Mushrooms Ft. Creator and BBCAN Alumni Adam Pike

    Happy Friday Wrecks! What do you get when you bring together two men from the Maritimes, who both create wellness content, have competed on Big Brother and are interested in the potential power of magic mushrooms? You get on hell of an episode. Adam Pike joins me this week to talk about his transition from working in the oil fields of western Canada to becoming a content creator advocating that holistic wellness is for everyone and betterment is achievable every day through accountability and the help of nature. Adam is an avid believer in the power of micro-dosing psilocybin and credits the use of magic mushrooms with various shifts in his mindset that have led to a deeper sense of self and overall wellness. Having a few east coast men, who have shared similar experiences, sit down to talk about the transformations they've gone through as individuals will always be really special to me. Kick back, relax and enjoy it because life's a wreck. Although we explore positive experiences we've had with psychedelics during this episode, Life's a Wreck does not endorse using any psychedelic substance. Check out more episodes about the use of psilocybin below:The Wonderful World of Psilocybin Ft. Thomas HartleFollow Adam on Socials:IG-@adampikefitnessX-@adampikefitnessUnlocking with Adam Pike Podcast Check out an extended interview with Adam on Patreon: the podcast:IG-@lifesawreckpodcast  Follow Kyle:IG-@moorzyyy Support the show
  • 81. Ep81: Advocating For What's Right Regardless of The Cost Ft. Podcaster Joel Kaskinen

    Happy Friday Wrecks! Hope you've been doing well. This has been a very tough year for many people in Nova Scotia and after the floods we experienced these past few weeks, I wanted to send some love to all those affected. If you're looking for some local recovery resources and mental health support, check out the link below: week on the podcast, I'm joined by my friend Joel Kaskinen who has supported me and the podcast since our early days and someone I'm very fortunate to have crossed paths with throughout my mental health journey. An advocate and podcaster himself himself, Joel uses his background in communications and community building to advocate for mental healthcare, suicide and gun violence prevention, and other social rights. During our conversation, we talked about the nuances of advocacy and Joel shares his experience with the cost that advocacy can have. A great conversation with a great person so make sure to kick back and relax and enjoy the ep!Here's a link to the episode Joel and I recorded for his podcast" It's All In My Head": sure to rate and review the podcast on your favourite podcasting platform!Check out It's All In My Head: Podcast: (or X idk what's happening): @allinmyheadshowInstagram: @itsallinmyhead.showFollow Joel: @theadventuresofjoel - IGCheck out our Follow the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGSupport the show
  • 80. Ep80: The Art of Resiliency Ft. Entrepreneur Brice Scheschuk

    Today we dive into the murky waters of one of the most common phrases in the wellness vernacular: Resiliency. We often talk about being resilient, but what do we really mean? Is resiliency to be unfeeling? Does it mean never giving up? Are resiliency and anti-fragility the same thing? What does it look like in the context of teams and organizations? How can I be more resilient? All of the many nuances of the word are explored by the team at MindFrame Connect and their Co-Founder, today's guest, Brice Scheschuk. Entrepreneur, business leader, public speaker and former Maritime Surface Officer in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, Brice has dedicated countless hours to teaching entrepreneurs across the country how they can build resiliency, and today, he's joining the wreck.Learn more about MindFrame Connect: with Brice on LinkedIn: out our Patreon for an exclusive extended the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGSupport the show
  • 79. Ep79: 4 Lessons From 4 Years of Podcasting

    WE'RE 4, WRECKS!💅🚀🤷‍♂️😶‍🌫️🍻🤔👑🌊📈🥳 What a disaster. Somehow we've begged, borrowed, and stolen our way to 79 podcasts since July 5th, 2019. During this time, I graduated from university, we survived a pandemic, I flamed out on reality tv, went on mental health medication, got off mental health medication, talked to thousands of people about my story, have spent approximately 435 hours editing episodes, and made some amazing memories along the way. With these fourrible (lol nice) years under my belt, I feel like I've learned a few things about the podcasting space. Today we're doing a bit of a different episode in honour of our fourth birthday. We're counting down the top 4 things I've learned in 4 years of podcasting. Check out our Patreon for exclusive the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGSupport the show
  • 78. Ep78: Living with Anxiety and the Impact of Sharing Authentically Ft. CTV News Host Ana Almeida

    That idea of "putting on a mask" to hide your pain is something so many of us are familiar with, but when your job requires you to stand in front of a camera and perform at your best day in and day out, that term takes on a whole new meaning.  I'm really excited to share this conversation with all of you today. Today's guest, CTV's Ana Almeida, and I met on a Movember walk back in 2021, and after hearing about her experiences as a person living with Anxiety and how she's used her platform to diminish the stigma that still surrounds mental illness, I knew it was only a matter of time until we got an episode out together. Well, two years later, the time is NOW! During our chat, Ana talks about her relationship with herself and reflected on the impact that Anxiety and her mental health have had on her relationships with friends, family and partners. We talked about how she shared openly about her mental health struggles live on air during Bell Let's Talk Day in 2017 and the amazing impact she saw from the communities she serves after she did so. During a part of the show that will always stand out as being a particularly special moment to have shared, Ana, who immigrated as a youth, talks about her close relationship with her father and how she navigated learning about his cancer diagnosis during a very difficult time in her life. This episode is funny, authentic, and vulnerable; it's everything you'd want from an episode of Life's a Wreck.Check out our ➡️Patreon⬅️Follow Ana:@ana_almedia - IG@anaalmeidaCTV - Twitter Follow the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGSupport the show
  • 77. Ep77: Can't Buy More Time, Healing From Childhood Trauma and Sexual Violence at Any Age Ft. Entrepreneur and Researcher Michael DeVenney

    I imagine this episode to be best enjoyed while on a long walk, drive or curled up with a warm beverage. Today's conversation is one of authenticity, vulnerability, pain and beauty. Michael DeVenney is a friend of the show and an amazing advocate for the space where mental health and entrepreneurship intersect. I was blessed to be invited to Michael's beautiful home to share this conversation. I was introduced to Michael's work when we collaborated on a presentation for youth entrepreneurs, and after hearing his story, I knew I needed to get him on the pod. Michael's willingness to speak openly about a traumatic childhood that consisted of sexual violence, emotional suppression and bullying and how it's led to a lifelong journey of self-realization and healing is nothing short of inspirational. One of my favourite conversations to date. Kick back and relax because life is indeed a big ol wreck.Check out our PatreonRed Cross Wildfire Responses Page  Connect with Michael on LinkedIn: Check out Michael's work: The Mindset Project: Follow the podcast:@lifesawreckpodcast - IG Follow Kyle:@moorzyyy - IGSupport the show