Life in Progress


Ep. 44: Letting Go of the One That Got Away

Ep. 44

It’s strange because people often think I have it all together. The reality is that I struggle a lot, especially when it comes to men and love. This is normal, and we are all trying to figure it out. We have so many “Why’s” we want the answer to. The whole pandemic in the Philippines I had my own “whys” to figure out. I was seeking for answers as to why the man I loved did some things to me. Why did this happen? Why did we end up going separate ways, even even if we were so involved in each others lives and everything seemed like it was perfect. I guess life will be always unpredictable - there are lessons to learn to make sure we don’t keep on repeating the mistakes and the patterns, and so that we grow into the person we need to be. Last year was very hard for me, I had to let go of many things including the man I truly loved, but that also led me to where I am today. It’s quite ironic that I am now here just two streets away from him but I can’t see him, as if he was just some stranger. Back when I wanted so badly to be exactly here, there were things that wouldn’t allow me to be. But I guess that is just life, and life has its own ways of teaching us important lessons.

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