Life in Progress

  • 214. My The Best or Nothing Mentality

    My "The Best or Nothing" mentality is a philosophy that drives me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life. It stems from the belief that mediocrity is not an option and that I should always aim to be the best version of myself. This mindset pushes me to work harder, set high standards, and continuously improve. Whether it's academics, sports, or personal relationships, I refuse to settle for anything less than my best effort. Although this mentality can be demanding and challenging at times, it has taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, discipline, and the importance of continuous self-improvement. Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 213. Growing Up with a Supportive Resilient Family

    Growing up with a supportive and resilient family is a blessing that shapes one's character and future. Such families provide a haven where love, understanding, and encouragement flourish. They instill values of perseverance, empathy, and determination in their children. With unwavering support, they teach resilience in the face of adversity. These families create an environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth rather than failures. They foster independence while offering guidance when needed. Growing up with such a family equips individuals with the tools to navigate life's challenges confidently and emerge stronger than ever before.Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 212. People Always Glamorize Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship has become the latest buzzword, with individuals from all walks of life aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs. The media plays a significant role in glamorizing this career path, portraying entrepreneurs as visionaries who effortlessly turn their ideas into million-dollar businesses. However, this glorification often overlooks the challenges and sacrifices of entrepreneurship. It fails to acknowledge the daily sleepless nights, financial risks, and constant pressure entrepreneurs face. While it is essential to celebrate success stories and inspire others, it is equally important to present a realistic picture of entrepreneurship to help aspiring individuals make informed decisions about their career paths.Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 211. My 33rd Birthday 10 Big Lessons

    I just came back home from my birthday trip and here are my realizations lately. 1. I am responsible for my happiness. 2. My family and friends mean everything to me. 3. I have a clear definition of my success. 4. I want to help people succeed. 5. I am no longer explaining myself to anyone. 6. I know I will make it through anything. 7. The more I get to know myself, the more I want to protect myself. 8. I can no longer tolerate people’s BS. 9. It’s only the best or nothing. 10. My private life is so valuable to me. Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 210. Don’t Change Yourself, Change Your Environment

    Individuals often find themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of society. They are constantly bombarded with messages telling them to change themselves to fit in or succeed. However, I believe that instead of changing ourselves, we should focus on changing our environment. By altering the circumstances and surroundings we find ourselves in, we can create a more conducive atmosphere for personal growth and success. This could mean surrounding ourselves with positive influences, seeking out new opportunities, or even relocating to a place that aligns better with our goals and values. Ultimately, it is not about conforming to societal norms but rather creating an environment that allows us to thrive and be true to ourselves.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 209. Some Interpret Self-Confidence as Bragging

    In today's society, there will always be closed-minded people who may interpret self-confidence as bragging. Unfortunately, individuals who possess a strong sense of self-assurance are often misunderstood and labeled as arrogant or boastful. However, it is crucial to recognize the distinction between confidence and arrogance. While arrogance stems from an inflated ego and a desire to belittle others, true self-confidence arises from a deep understanding of one's abilities without the need for validation from others. Those with closed minds fail to grasp this concept, as they are threatened by the unwavering belief in oneself. Society needs to encourage and celebrate genuine self-confidence rather than perpetuating misconceptions about it. Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 208. Navigating Betrayal in All Relationships

    Betrayal is a painful experience that can shatter the trust we place in others. It is an unfortunate reality that betrayal can occur in any relationship, be it romantic, familial, or even friendship. When faced with betrayal, it is crucial to handle the situation with grace and wisdom. Firstly, one must acknowledge their emotions and allow themselves to grieve the loss of trust. Secondly, open communication becomes paramount as it enables both parties to express their feelings and work towards understanding and resolution. Lastly, forgiveness should be considered as a means of healing and moving forward. Navigating betrayal requires strength and resilience but can ultimately lead to growth and stronger relationships.Follow me on IG: Follow Life in Progress on IG: Follow me on Tiktok:
  • 207. How to Care While Giving Less F*cks

    In today's fast-paced world, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the constant barrage of information and expectations. However, it is essential to remember that caring about everything can be detrimental to our mental and emotional well-being. One must learn the art of giving fewer fucks to strike a balance. Firstly, prioritize what truly matters in your life; focus on relationships, personal growth, and overall happiness. Secondly, practice self-care by setting boundaries and saying no when necessary. Lastly, embrace imperfections and let go of unnecessary worries. By caring less about trivial matters, we can cultivate a more fulfilling and peaceful existence.Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok:
  • 206. The Beauty of Being Straightforward in Life

    In a world filled with ambiguity and hidden agendas, the beauty of being straightforward in life shines like a beacon of honesty. The ability to express oneself clearly and directly is a rare quality that fosters trust and understanding. By eschewing convoluted language and pretense, one can forge genuine connections with others. Straightforwardness eliminates misunderstandings, allowing for open communication and problem-solving. It empowers individuals to assert their needs without fear or hesitation. In a society where deception often prevails, embracing straightforwardness is not only refreshing but also essential for building authentic relationships and leading a fulfilling life. Follow me on IG: Life in Progress on IG: me on Tiktok: