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12 Warning Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome

Season 2, Ep. 41

Most people experience Imposter Syndrome at one point in their life (or more!). And, while it may not feel good, it's usually a sign you're growing personally and/or professionally. Listen to this episode for the 12 warning signs you may have it after which I'll provide guidance on what you can do about it.

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  • 7. Let Them Fail

    Failure builds resilience. Leaders can build resilience in their teams by letting them fail. Yes, you heard that correctly :-) Today I talk about how different generations view resilience so you can understand your teams better. You'll learn how resilience ultimately leads to better solutions and more goal achievement.
  • 6. Gossip or Moral Lesson: Determining Your Intent

    When someone asks you for your opinion on someone, do you give it? When is it gossip ... and when is it appropriate? This episode dives into this topic by exploring confidentiality, the role of judgement, and how to determine your intent to give you signposts for what to do.
  • 5. Which is more important - authenticity or integrity?

    Answer this question, quickly: which is more important to you - authenticity or integrity? Now, hold on to that answer and have a listen to this episode where I discuss the pros and cons of both qualities.
  • 4. How Success Begets Success

    Success begets success. My mom is a great example of it. She's turning 80 and has decided to learn Portuguese. Listen to this episode to find out how she does it ... and how you can too!Click here for the link to the Maslow episode I reference in this week's edition of Life fully loved.
  • 3. Lights, Camera, Action!

    You've hit a crossroads and decided which road to take. Now it's time for action! Listen to learn how to take effective, laser-focused, heart-based action.As promised, click for the results of my action - coaching!Career Focus gets you back on track by identifying what fulfils you.Life fully loved is about leading from a place of strength.Changemaker involves driving positive change, making a meaningful impact to your industry, community, the world. Click here to sign up for a free 30-minute session and see what it's like.
  • 2. Developing Laser Focus

    Developing one focus will get you through any crossroad by eliminating the extraneous.Building on last week’s episode, here’s how you do it:5.   Start with the end in mind.6.   Mind the gap - Consider the impact of your habitual patterns on how you usually fill the gap between start and end.7.    Focus - What must you eliminate in order to reach your endpoint?Next week, I’ll share a solution for the best way to take action. 
  • 1. Are you at a crossroads?

    Are you at a crossroads? I am. And as we start a new year, I'm debating whether to continue on this road or take another one. If you feel similarly about a person, event, or circumstance, listen in so you can apply my evaluation process in your own life.
  • 47. 100 Episodes of Life fully loved. Let's Celebrate!

    Shine Your Light! If there's one major theme that has emerged from 100 episodes of Life fully loved, "Shine Your Light" would be it. I'm offering a $100 Lantern Gift Certificate between now and the end of 2023 to celebrate 100 episodes. Click link to purchase it now.
  • 46. How to Connect to your Leader Within

    Your Leader Within has many other names: inner voice, inner guidance system, and sage, to list a few. It guides you on the right path and is recognized by its loving, positive energy.In this episode, learn multiple ways to identify and tune in to your Leader Within so you can be a light in the world.Remind yourself that all of this is possible because of the underlying premise of free will. Tune in for more.Here are the links for identifying your Leader Within:Get Present Newsletter / Podcast – 6 techniquesDrink the Kool-Aid Newsletter / Podcast – understand love as the cornerstone of Leader WithinChoose to See Things Differently Newsletter / Podcast - focus on the emotion behind your thought