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What powerful looks like

Season 3, Ep. 15

Learn what powerful looks like and, importantly, how to get there.

Moving forward, please note the change in my podcasting schedule. I'll be posting once per month starting in June.

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  • 16. Connecting Awareness and Choice to your daily life

    “Without awareness, there is no choice.” My yoga teacher said this and it got me thinking. This is EXACTLY what I do as a coach every day by helping people become more self-aware which results in seeing you have choices. You're not limited or obligated to choose one path over another. There's a third ... and more! ... that you can take.
  • 14. Time for a Shift

    It's time for a shift at Life fully loved. Tune in to learn more.
  • 13. How to make GREAT decisions

    Let me share my decision-making method which uses the left- and right-brain, thus combining the rational with the intuitive. You'll find yourself more confident about your choice, knowing clearly what exactly you need to do next.
  • 12. Building a Foundation of Trust for a Healthier Workplace

    Trust is the foundation to building a healthy workplace culture. Then you add awareness (self and external) and you get alignment.
  • 11. Why your answers lie within you

    All your answers lie within you. Learn how to get past the high barriers to entry due to external stimulation so that you can find that loving voice. There, you’ll find clarity.
  • 10. Fitting in Versus Belonging

    Do you feel like you belong or like you're trying to fit in? What's the difference (if there is one) anyway? This episode talks about what it means to fit in versus to belong and why you want the latter.
  • 9. How to Narrow your Career Choice

    If you're contemplating a career change - or know someone who is - listen to this episode for tips that I recently shared with a young woman looking to break into HR. You don't need to be in HR to gain value from this episode because my advice applies more broadly.
  • 8. What kind of leader are YOU?

    What kind of leader are you? In a complex world that has just as many definitions of leadership as you can imagine, it can be hard to navigate your leadership style. This edition of Life fully loved breaks down leadership styles and helps you figure out yours.