Let's Talk More About Sarcoma

A podcast that shines the spotlight on a sarcoma diagnosis. The expected, the unexpected and everything in between brought to you by Sock it to Sarcoma! and the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation.

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  • S3 E1 - Let's Talk Even More About Sarcoma

    For Sarcoma awareness month we have focussed on hope for the future. The hope that comes from high level research, in order to unlock the questions that have eluded our brilliant scientific minds for over four decades.  To finish Sarcoma Awareness Month on a high note, we hear from many of those leading the way in sarcoma research in Australia. Professors David Wood, University of WA, David Thomas, the Garvan Institute, and Glenn Marshall ,Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick, kick the series off this year followed in episode two by insights from Dr Richard Boyle,Head of the NSW Bone Tumour Team, Dr Joost Lesterhuis, Telethon Kids Institute and A/Prof Geoff McCowage from the Westmead children's hospital.

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