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Let's Talk About Branding and Persuasion

Season 3, Ep. 34

Is your brand persuasive? What does that even look like? Do you know what elements your brand needs to have to be persuasive? If you’re not sure then you’re in the right place. Today we’re talking about what persuasion is, what it means, and what branding has to do with your ability to persuade.

Today’s guest is Jason Harris, author of the book, the Soulful Art of Persuasion, host of the podcast Soul & Science, and CEO of Mekanism

Tune in as we talk about:

[00:00] Introductions

[02:56] Jason defines for us what persuasion is. 

[05:21] The art of persuasion has changed over the years. What does it look like now?

[06:52] People hate ads but love brands. What does that mean for you and your brand?

[10:18] How is your brand’s soul connected to persuasion and branding?

[14:08] How can you communicate to buyers that your brand is tied to a purpose and not just looking to make more money?

[18:00] How do you take your company from being one that has a soul and a purpose to making that a brand that people can truly connect with?

[22:09] What does your brand need to be persuasive?

[23:58] If your brand is failing to catch, do you know where to look?

[27:08] Jason and I both define brand.

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  • 12. Let’s Talk About A Personal Brand Journey with Michael Stelzner

    Some brand journeys are worth taking a look at to see what we can take away from them to build our own brands. And no one is a better example of that than this week’s guest, Michael Stelzner.He is the reason that many people have gotten into social media marketing as he is the ring leader behind all of the education that Social Media Examiner brings! However, his personal brand started well before he stepped into the social media industry.In today’s episode, Mike is going to walk us through the development of his brand journey from being the white paper guy to the social media guy and into his newest mission. So many great lessons to be learned!Tune in as we talk about: [00:00] Welcome Michael Stelzner[04:28] How white papers launched Mike Stelzner's personal brand[10:25] How did Mike pivot from being "The white paper guy" to social media?[14:30] How did Mike build up his contacts in an industry he was relatively new to?[16:45] How did Social Media Examiner Start?[18:47] How did Mike move people from online content to an in-person conference?[22:42] How does Mike balance three brands?[25:37] How does Mike find up-and-coming industry voices?[29:33] What should you do if you are asked to be on stage?[30:25] What characteristic does Mike think makes someone successful?[32:00] What is Mike's current mission?[34:11] How to connect with MikeGet Started on Your Personal Brand Journey with my Prework Workbook here: Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chat.Subscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 11. Let’s Talk About Branding for Creatives with Liz Mosley

    This week I’m excited to talk to fellow brand designer, Liz Mosley!Liz was originally a stationary designer before recognizing her knack for branding creatives. We’re going to talk about how she first became an entrepreneur with her stationary business and how she ultimately transitioned into brand design. She’s going to share with us important considerations when branding for creatives because it is a bit different from other types of personal branding.We are also going to talk about the evolution of Liz's own personal brand, and we’re going to get to the things that she has learned from her own podcast, Building Your Brand.Tune in as we talk about: [00:00] Welcome Liz Mosley![02:26] How did Liz come to focus on branding?[07:09] What has it been like for Liz to brand herself?[09:06] How did you brand Liz Mosley Designs when it was a stationary company[15:30] How it's different working with a fellow creative on the creative elements of their brand? [18:42] What are the elements that creatives need to have in their branding? [23:04] The story of Liz's brand transition[27:30] How has Liz's podcast fit into her brand?[31:20] Connect with Liz MosleyContact Liz MosleyPodcast: Building Your Brand - Liz Mosley Design - Media at LizMMosleyGet Started on Your Personal Brand Journey with my Prework Workbook here: Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chat.Subscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 10. Let’s Talk About a Personal Brand Coaching Session with Sarah Scott

    While a personal brand is … well…personal. It isn’t something you should work on defining on your own.But have you ever thought about working with personal brand coach? Do you wonder what it would be like? What would you talk about? What conclusions would you walk away with?This episode is going to be a little bit different. In this episode, I’m going to give you a little taste of what I do with clients in my personal branding work. It's not like a whole session, but my brilliant podcast editor, Sarah Scott of Sarah Scott Studios, has said to me, “I think it might be interesting to see you do your thing on an episode.”And so I've turned that right back around on her and said, “how about I do it with you?”She of course agreed! So I'm very excited for today's conversation with Sarah about her personal brand. This is not nearly as thorough or as specific as I would do with an actual client, but I wanted to give you an episode that hopefully you could take some of this discussion back to yourself and use it to figure out some more of your own personal brand. If you want to take a look at the guide I gave Sarah before our session you can download it here: in as we talk about: [00:03] Welcome! This episode will be a little different![01:31] Introducing the Guest: Sarah Scott[02:49] Sarah's Journey from Healthcare Consulting to Podcast Management[06:41] The Importance of Niching in Business[09:41] How Your Experiences Can Lead to Building Your Personal Branding[12:50] The Power of the Personal Brand Coaching Pre-Work[14:21] Digging into Past Experience for Your Personal Brand [23:30] Blending Skills to Define Your Personal Brand[29:00] Building a Personal Brand[32:33] One way Christine built her brand[33:14] Choosing a platform for your brand[35:49] Benefits of Establishing Your Brand[38:34] The Power of Networking to Build Your Brand[47:30] Defining Your Brand: The Struggle of Self-Representation[51:42] Generous Curiosity: The Key to Successful Branding[58:26] Where to Find Me: Connecting with Sarah Scott[59:18] Wrapping Up: The Journey of Personal BrandingIf you are ready to start taking your personal brand seriously. Start by downloading my Personal Branding Worksheet at Sarah ScottWebsite: Sarah Scott Studios Linkedin: Sarah ScottShow Links Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chat.Subscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 9. Let’s Talk About Branding as an Agency Founder with Kaitlyn Barclay

    Today I'm really excited because I'm so happy to have finally had this conversation with Kaitlyn Barclay. Kaitlyn Barclay is the CEO and co-founder of Scout Lab, which is an agency that helps startups with their branding, communications, and marketing. The focus of her work is on founders in addition to being one herself. Kaitlyn and Scout Lab especially work with founders who have a mission behind their work, whether it's planetary health or actual health. She works with and advises founders who stand out in their fields. Many of whom are women, people of color, and part of the LGBT+ community. So today, Kaitlyn and I are going to discuss the development of her personal brand, which really started with developing her reputation in the market by doing the work and absorbing as much as she could from other startup founders. She talks about what influenced her to become an entrepreneur and how storytelling is such a large part of building a brand. And finally, we're going to hear from her about how she put together her personal brand, how that is influenced by being a co-founder and the things that she personally struggled with.Tune in as we talk about: [00:00] Welcome Kaitlyn Barclay![03:37] Where did your career start, and how did it get to that point?[07:09] Why did Kaitlyn decide to work with other companies first, rather than starting her own company? And how did that help you later? [10:41] How did Kaitlyn's reputation get her into FitMob?[13:21] Why is it that Kaitlyn decided to focus on building brands for startups? What is the focus of Scout Lab?[15:50] How did Kaitlyn's personal brand change when she made the shift from consultant to agency founder?[19:05] How does a two-founder brand work when it comes to those personal brands and how do those personal brands serve the agency?[23:03] How does Kaitlyn help founders tell their stories?[25:59] How does Kaitlyn help founders find the balance between professional and personal stories while highlighting their differences?[28:22] Does a founder's personal brand help them build trust for investors and partners?[31:00] What do you personally as Kaitlyn struggle with or have you struggled with the most in the past when it comes to your own personal brand? [34:06] How to connect with Kaitlyn BarclayContact Kaitlyn BarclayWebsite: Scout Labs - Follow Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chat.Subscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 8. Let’s Talk About Building Your Brand Messaging with Kate DiLeo

    This week I am excited to talk with a new friend, Kate DiLeo the owner of Brand Trifecta, which, fascinatingly enough, is a software that helps you build your brand and refine your brand messaging. So that is, of course, what we are talking about today.We're talking about how to approach building your brand message and how that may differ for a personal brand versus a B2B brand versus a B2C brand. Then we dig into all the parts of branding to understand what you really need to express your brand. Tune in as we talk about: [00:00] Welcome Kate DiLeo![02:10] How do you define brand?[04:16] How did Kate start to build a SaaS (software as a service) brand technology?[06:28] Are there differences in the approach to building a personal brand vs a company brand?[08:00] What about B2B or B2C, is there a difference in the brand messaging there? [09:50] How does a brand get the consumer to ask "Who am I?"[12:05] Where does brand messaging fit in with your overall marketing content?[14:44] What do brands need to have in order to have a strong brand message[17:03] When did brands shift from being aspirational to being real and relatable?[20:10] Let's talk about becoming a personal brand inside of an organization[22:55] How did Kate start her personal brand?[28:05] What is the most effective way to get your brand message out there?[30:18] Catch up with Kate DiLeoContact Kate DiLeoWebsite: Links Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chat.Subscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 7. Let’s Talk About Tapping Your Potential with George B. Thomas

    On today's episode, I want you to be inspired by the personal brand story of George B. Thomas. I first encountered George when he was on stage hosting the Inbound conference by HubSpot. George has such a great energy, and he brings so much value to many people in so many different ways, not just as a HubSpot expert, but also in the way he talks to people and cares about people's lives. Today we are going to talk about how he first grew his personal brand by aligning himself with other companies and what that led to. We're going to talk about his adventures within agencies and how they helped him to continue to evolve his brand. Then we will talk about the next phase of his career as he launches his own agency and how all that work became the unknown foundation that allowed him to launch quickly. Finally, we talk about his newest initiative that goes beyond his agency work and speaks to the core of what he's always been about, which is,  corralling untapped human potential and encouraging others to go for it the way others have encouraged him along his journey.Tune in as we talk about: [00:00] Welcome George B. Thomas![04:34] How did George start his personal brand?[07:51] Personal Brand Lesson: Be very careful that you don't let what you think are weaknesses stop you, because many times what you think is a weakness can be your strength.[09:14] What was George doing (before video, podcasting or any internet content) that captured the attention of Marcus Sheridan? [11:03] Personal Brand Lesson: If you’re sitting in an organization you can become a leader. You can be a thought leader. Even if you're not the owner, even if you don't work for the organization that you're teaching the things around, that's the power of building a personal brand inside of the organization. [15:31] When it comes to building a personal brand remember that different people engage with different types of humans. So its not a competition with others - you are just reaching the people you were meant reach and others are reaching the ones they are meant to reach.[19:42] How George decided to start his own agency and how the work he had done on his personal brand helped him launch quickly. [24:07] How does George decide what opportunities he is going to align himself to? [29:18] What is next for George? Geroge B. Thomas PodcastHubHerosBeyond Your DefaultFollow Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chatSubscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 6. Let’s Talk About Personal Brand Impact with Emmanuel Probst

    Have you ever wanted to have a bigger impact on your personal brand? Have you thought the only brands that can have a big impact on our culture are the big consumer brands? Think again!Today I’m talking with Emmanuel Probst about exactly that. One of the best ideas that we talk about is how your personal brand is a vessel for an idea. It is a way to relate to people and to express yourself and who you really are. To do that we first define what a brand and culture is and we discuss what it means to make a measurable change in a culture. We also talked about how you find the message that your brand will be the vessel for. Then we wrap it up with a marketing lesson from Picasso. Emmanuel Probst is the head of global thought leadership at Ipsos (one of the largest market research firms). He also teaches brand strategy at UCLA, and he's the author of "Assemblage: The Art and Science of Brand Transformation." Tune in as we talk about how personal brands can make an impact: [00:00] Welcome Emmanual Probst![03:09] How do you define a brand?[06:52] How do you define culture?[08:22] At what point are you considered to have a personal brand?[11:20] Should you follow your gut or data when it comes to marketing your brand?[14:02] Is there a separation between the person inside the brand and they things that are selling?[17:51] How can you find the core message for your personal brand?[21:20] What roles do influencers play? [24:46] What marketing lessons can we learn from Picasso?Follow Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chatSubscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 5. Let’s Talk About Design for Personal Brands with Amy Walters

    What comes to mind when you think of personal brand design? Is it fonts? Colors? Logos? Images? Templates? All of the above? Or maybe none of the above? That is not all that uncommon, a lot of people, when they think of design, they think of a consumer brand or something like that, or, some big corporation, but personal brands also need some design love too.Today I’m talking with brand designer, Amy Walker from Bloom Creative about,what goes into brand design, what type of visual branding is useful for a personal brand to have, what brand parameters make sense for a personal brand to have and so much more!While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to personal brand design, Amy has worked with many people to design their personal brands, so she's going to tell us her expert opinion on what are good things to think about when it comes to designing your personal brand.Tune in as we talk about the following design choices for personal brands: [00:00] Welcome Amy Walters![02:36] What is the core of every personal brand design?[04:05] How does color psychology play into selecting a brand color?[10:22] What is important when it comes to visual branding for personal brands?[13:03] Should personal brands have a logo?[18:08] How do photography and brand images come into play with personal branding?[20:39] What are some of the digital assets that are needed for a personal brand design? [24:11] What is included in a personal brand design guide? [26:03] What are the limits for colors and fonts in a personal brand?[30:03] What should be taken into consideration as a brand evolves over time?Follow Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chatSubscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!
  • 4. Let's Talk About Social Selling with Tim Hughes

    How do you feel about selling in your business? If the very thought makes you feel ‘ick’, then you are not alone.But what if there was another way to sell in your business? One that was more personal and made the sale easier? What if, by building a strong personal brand, you could make more sales in your business? Would that make selling easier? Then tune into to today’s episode as I talk to my friend Tim Hughes all about the power of social selling, which is rooted in your ability to have a strong personal brand.Tim talks to us about how people are buying from people which means that ultimately they are buying from people that they know, like, and trust (shout out to Bob Berg). So it's our goal to show the world that we are not just another sales person and we are going to do that by leveraging social media. And Tim will give us some ideas on how we can do that.Tune in as we explore: [00:00] Welcome Tim Hughes[03:31] What is the problem with the approach that most people make with sales today? And how can that be solved?[07:12] What should your personal brand (on social media) look like? How does having a personal brand work with or replace a buyer's need to search for information? Why do we trust people's opinions over research (in some cases)?[15:49] People want an experience that is rent-free. Meaning that they want to connect with you, but not end up in a funnel or a sales cycle. So how can companies position their salespeople in a way that their customers go to them and not directly to the company?[21:32] What kind of content should you be using to create a strong personal brand primed for social selling?[26:55] How can companies create programs that encourage the development of personal brands?[29:02] What are Tim’s thoughts about using email lists? And how can you protect your brand from the constant changes in social media platforms?[34:20] Can this approach be scalable? And should it be?Follow Christine Gritmon on Twitter: @cgritmon and join her each Tuesday for the #ChatAboutBrand Twitter chatSubscribe to the Let's Talk About Brand Newsletter that goes out every Monday to ensure you don't miss a beat!