Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton


...to Laura Winningham , The Founder and Head of Strategic Relationships with City Harvest London

Season 1, Ep. 19

When I first met Laura Winningham City Harvest London had just served up its 1 millionth meal, diverting good food from landfill, sending it to charities and centres across London who distribute it or prepare meals for people who need additional support to put food on their own table. A few years on and they have provided over 20 million meals, and are still growing to meet demand. City Harvest has been changed by Covid 19 as so many people and businesses have, there has been unprecedented demand for their support, but also there have been far more opportunities for others to get involved and help them with all sorts of areas from IT, to marketing , to volunteering at the depot to sort food and pack vans, to reaching out to businesses who may have surplus food that they could take and to charities in desperate need of the food. Hear Laura talk about City Harvest, and us talk about how businesses can support charities and why it is important that they share with their customers and the wider community that they do. City Harvest is an incredible charity and one I am very priveliged to have been asked to be an ambassador for.

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