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Let Me Introduce You to Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, For Many a Guiding Light in the Free From World

Season 3, Ep. 1

Let me Introduce you to Michelle Berriedale-Johnson who for me and many others has been our guiding light on all things ‘free from’. 

  • Michelle became interested in dairy free cooking when both her partner and son had dairy intolerances
  • She set up a very early ‘free from' business in the late 80s making dairy free ice cream and meals.
  • She created a newsletter for health professionals, then for people with intolerance themselves,
  • Next she launched a magazine, a lot of the information from this and a subsequent website is now available HERE
  • She created what are now the Free From Awards


Michelle struggled to think of a time when she has stepped outside her comfort zone, not a surprise to me as she is incredibly confident and happy to ‘ have a go’ at lots of things. 

There is no doubt that she has been pivotal in encouraging many of the producers and manufacturers of free from products in the UK today – to have a go themselves or to constantly strive to improve products they make.

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Let Me Introduce You To Francis Gimblett, author of the Gimblett's Guide to The Best of British Cheese, and Co-Owner of Taste of the Vine, an Interactive Food and Drink Events Business. ,

Season 3, Ep. 3
Let Me Introduce You to Francis Gimblett, Author of Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheeses, and co Owner of Taste of the Vine, an interactive food and drink event company.Francis and I met in Spring 2021 when I joined one of his monthly Friday evening meet the cheesemaker tasting sessions. I learned so much and loved meeting the cheesemakers. I told other people and very quickly was joined on screen by 10-12 friends each month ....My copy of Francis book , Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheeses has become very well thumbed and through it i have tracked down cheesemakers around the UK and even found a cheesemaking course in Tottenham, London inspired by him.He is a great story teller so i know you will enjoy hearing about :his journey in food and drinkpeople who have inspired or encouraged himhis French mother's cooking and how that added to his food journeyhow he has for many years, resisted repitition and always desired change, t learn or to reinvent things BUT how possibly now after almost 2 years of constant change, he my just be happy for a little more predictability for a while we talk about work life balance and partnering in business with his wifeabout the importance of understanding your P&L and planning for your business right from Day 1 we also get a hint or two about his next taste adventure....I cannot wait