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Let Me Introduce You to Kristen Frederickson a New Yorker , living in London since 2006 and who has published her 2nd cookbook

Season 2, Ep. 10

Kristen Frederickson is a former New York City art historian who has lived in London since 2006.

She has a blog Kristen in London, which catalogues her life in London , often punctuated by food eaten by the family or shared with friends She s the author of Tonight at 7.30: One Family’s Life at the Table, with her daughter Avery Curran providing the photographs for both that volume and her second called Second Helpings and largely tested and photographed during the 2020 lockdown. She is Members Communications Director for the Guild of Food Writers.

In this episode we talk about

  • her early memories of being in the kitchen with her grandmother
  • being 'allowed' to cook for the family from an early age, and having a pretty free reign on what she did
  • how she found her way into cookery writing
  • sharing recipes with friends and the people who have influenced what she cooks and how she hosts people at home
  • mastering sourdough bread with the help of her friend Orlando Murrin, and what she loves about it
  • writing her books, deciding what to include and cooking her way through all the recipes , testing and photographing them
  • what she would take to a dessert island

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