Let Me Introduce You with Jane Milton


Let Me Introduce You to Jennifer John, Founder of Ceres the Food and Wellbeing PR & Marketing Business

Season 2, Ep. 12

Jennifer John and her senior team have many years of experience working within food and drink and believe that offers Ceres a unique understanding of the customer journey from every angle. She is honest and does not sugar coat things, but always has your best interest at heart and I hugely value her thoughts and often seek her opinion.

Ceres is an integrated PR and Marketing business working with food, drink and wellness brands. They are great believers in in the power of recipes, developing and photographing them in their own studio, using the as a marketing tool for brands and products ,showcasing the brand & highlighting the benefits.

Hear her discuss:

  • how she came into the industry and went on to found Ceres
  • Who her influences have been in the industry, among her clients and in the wider community too. and what she admires about them
  • Stepping outside her comfort zone to cook live o Radio 4 the first time
  • What she has read recently and what that has taught her
  • The questions she would ask you if you were wanting to start your own business
  • and what would she want to pack if she was going to a desert island.

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