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  • It Shoulda Been JC

    We all know Justin Timberlake as N'Sync's breakout star, but if you ask De'lon and Franchesca, "it shoulda been JC" (sung to the tune of "it's gonna be MAY")Listen to JC Chasez's full unreleased album "The Story of Kate" here.---Let's stay in touch!Follow us on instagram @fixitpodFranchesca Ramsey @chescaleighDe'lon Grant @thedelondotcom

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  • Acting School: The Black Reps

    De'Lon and Franchesca take a trip down memory lane and unpack everything that worked and didn't work during their days at University of Michigan's acting school.------Let's keep in touch!Follow us on instagram @fixitpodFranchesca Ramsey @chescaleighDe'lon Grant @thedelondotcom
  • Lemme Fix It! - Launches September 13th

    Hosted by longtime besties Franchesca Ramsey and De’Lon Grant, Lemme Fix It! is a trip down memory lane, followed by a hilarious rebranding session. Each episode explores their favorite celebrities, shows, catchphrases, brand and movies of yesteryear and then imagines what it would take to repackage them for relevance today.