Legends Only - A Pop Culture Podcast


Vaccinated & Fearless

Season 1, Ep. 68

T. Kyle and Bradley discuss drastic changes in their personal lives, including moving, vaccines, bird-watching and haircuts, TikTok Talk starring Roz (@rox30503), Queen Britney’s “try on” montage and vaccination video, high praise from Madonna, Diablo Cody exiting the biopic project, High Fashion Editorial! featuring Lady Gaga’s Dom (Top) Perignon ad, Rebecca More’s blasphemous new, Xtina-esque cinematic experience and Troye Sivan’s hot thong tease, new music from Years & Years (Olly Alexander), Ally & AJ, Gwen Stefani’s unfortunate “Slow Clap” with Saweetie, Taylor Swift’s first re-recorded album ‘Fearless’ and her new (old) ode to Joe Jonas, memories of 2008 to 2009, as well as predictions and thoughts about the Final 4 of ‘Drag Race’ Season 13.

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