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Stan Wars Are Exhausting After 30

Season 1, Ep. 97

T. Kyle and Bradley - who has a cold, bear with him during this difficult time - discuss ‘Arcane’ and ’Hellbound,’ Ciara going to the White House to Level Up the vaccine rates among kids, Britney’s big week on Instagram, including a heartfelt Q&A, Anthony Preston speaking out, Jeffree Star promo, calling out Christina Aguilera while praising Lady Gaga, exhausting Stan Wars, High Fashion Editorial! featuring Christina Aguilera’s “Somos Nada” and ongoing Spanish era looks, Gaga getting Yass-ified on her ‘House of Gucci’ promo tour, Brooks Marks, Chiggs in glasses (again) on ‘Great British Bake Off,’ TikTok Talk featuring Hilary Duff doing the “With Love” dance (which we prophesied), that guy sucking a giant candy worm, Adele’s anti-TikTok talk, ‘One Night Only,’ ’30,’ new music from Shallou, HARLOE, Alesso, Gorgon City and Fly By Midnight. Happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels! Get stuffed!

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