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Savage X Fenty X God Damnit, Lana Del Rey

Season 1, Ep. 46

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T. Kyle and Bradley discuss the launch of the Legends Only On Wednesdays We Read Books, Not People Book Club featuring Mariah Carey’s ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey,’ 24/7 ‘R9’ Watch featuring Rihanna’s latest update about new music, Kelly Clarkson covering Selena’s “Dreaming of You,” Britney and boyfriend Sam traveling somewhere during quarantine, High Fashion Editorial! featuring our Stefani Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs campaigns, the Savage x Fenty show with Rosalia, Normani, Lizzo, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton and a million other stars, the Honorary Clown Fashion Award for Lana Del Rey’s mesh mask, social distancing with Dua Lipa in the “Levitating” re-re-release music video with DaBaby, new music from Trisha Paytas, Megan Thee Stallion and her new video featuring ‘Legendary’ stars, BLACKPINK, Roisin Murphy, Melanie C, Jonsi, and Hilary Duff’s fan’-demanded Santa Claus Lane’ coming to vinyl, probably due to our impact.

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