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Addison Rae’s Lost Album & Spinning Around in (Twitter) Circles

Season 1, Ep. 125

T. Kyle and Bradley are back from celebrating National Caesar Salad Day, and there’s a lot to TikTok Talk about: Twitter introduces co-author tweets and circles for the LGBTs to get their poles and holes out on main, Howie Mandel shows too much hole, Elon Musk is out, ‘Bionic’ makeup is in, Heidi Montag’s “I’ll Do It” enjoys a renaissance with ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ Addison Rae provides an update on the Lost Album, Selena Gomez goes viral and hits the studio, Lea Michele gets her ‘Funny Girl’ wish, High Fashion Editorial! featuring Anitta and Rita Era, Julia fox and Mariah Carey at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, Beyoncé riding the ‘Renaissance’ disco horse she raised since he was an egg, Amazon Italy and the Ann Marie Lastrassi allegations, T. Kyle’s “Break My Soul” remix, Brandi Glanville’s song (?), and new music from Miss Madeline, Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger, SG Lewis, FLO, with new BLACKPINK on the horizon. 

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