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Do you wish you could find hope and healing through something you enjoy? In these podcasts Jen will walk you though creative exercises designed to do just that. Engage your sense of play and wonder in order to deepen you
Monday, March 27, 2023

A Time for Every Season (part 1 of 2)

Season 1, Ep. 4
Today I get to introduce you to Sparrow Daenitz (aka Crafty Bird Woman). After a very difficult and dark season of her life she has found healing and joy again -- and her story isn't over yet!In part 1, she shares about this "Time to Weep" and how it enabled her to minister to others through art."I didn't know I was doing art ministry. I just recognized the deep deep sadness in their eyes and wanted to give them something to look forward to -- something fun!"She learned it was ministry and recognized herself as an artist for the first time through Jessie Nilo's art group at Vineyard Boise when she moved to Idaho. (God Loves Art, Vineyard Arts, Foundations of Art Ministry course)Parts may be difficult to hear (see below for time stamps), but her story isn't over. The hard parts of her story have been redeemed and in part 2 we'll get to hear all about her seasons of seeking and dancing!!!Her story of finding answers, healing and hope can be yours too.❤️Catch all the bonus content by joining our membership at Learning to See Studio on Patreon.Ways to connect more with Sparrow:Email: craftybirdsnest@gmail.comInstagram FacebookYouTubeMake sure to leave comments and questions so I can tailor future episodes and bonus content to best support and encourage you.If you like it, remember to give reviews and share so others can be blessed too :)Connect more with Jen at Hope and Healing at Home and on Instagram.Learn about her upcoming Art Ministry trip to Thailand to help bring hope and healing to children rescued from human trafficking.Specific time stamps of when potentially triggering topics are discussed:8:27 — Divorce9:14 — Domestic Violence10:56-11:01 — DV incident described11:20 — Alcohol & Drugs12:11-55 — Corporal Punishment described16:24 — Human Trafficking17:12 -- Sexual Content18:05 — Alcohol & Drugs18:22-35— Rape aftermath described18:52 — Physical Violence19:25 — Body Image19:36 — Physical Violence19:42-47 — Death Threat described20:08 — Kidnapping 20:28 — Theft21:20-21:28 — Police Interactions described21:40 — Victim Blaming22:18-26 — Domestic Violence described22:51-23:05 — Rape aftermath described by hospital23:12 — Legal Consultation23:24-36 — Victim Blaming described24:32 — Drugs25:07 — Drugs & Alcohol