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  • 70. Maria Sundell: The flourishing, happy & healthy brain

    Maria Sundell is a clinical neurologist with experience in cognitive medicine. After realizing that healthcare is largely focused on the brain when something goes wrong, she wanted to learn more about what a truly healthy, happy brain looks like and has since pivoted into more research-based work and launched the podcast; Brain Observations. Similar to her work there, this episode explores what factors related to brain health, cultivating the mind, and psychological well-being that contributes to a truly healthy, happy life, and why.When you understand yourself better it is easier to find what makes you as an individual thrive and feel joy. When you understand the mind better it is easier to find peace. When you understand the brain better you see the possibilities.Resources:Find her podcast here:, Ultralearning by Scott H Young:, Atomic Habits by James Clear: clips from this conversation here:

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  • 69. Shani Persson: Human-centric Learning Experiences

    A show about aspirations & learnability in pursuit of purpose & performance hosted by Innocent Mugenga. Produced by Aline – Learn Better.Shani Persson is the acting Head of Learning at Telia Company, a Swedish multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator with 20.000+ employees in the Nordics and Baltics. Her journey through HR, Employee Branding, People Experience, and Learning & Development has provided her with a broad set of experiences and an interdisciplinary approach to human growth.Our conversation covers the current state of learning & development as a profession, data as an enabler of human-centricity, the process of creativity, design-thinking, habit formation, and much more.We believe you will enjoy and learn from this episode regardless of whether you work with people management or are just interested in developing in your professional or personal life!
  • 68. Tomas Björkman: The World We Create

    A show about aspirations & learnability by Innocent Mugenga.Today's episode features a deep conversation with Tomas Björkman about emergence, navigating complexity, transformative learning, and more. Tomas is a social entrepreneur and author living in London. After selling his banking service to the fourth largest Swiss bank, he purchased an island in Stockholm, Sweden and founded Ekskäret Foundation to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious and sustainable society.Tomas taps into his academic past in theoretical physics, his entrepreneurial experience with leading organizational development, and his deep interest in the big philosophical questions of our time. You can find this exploration in the books he has written; The Market Myth, The Nordic Secret & The World We Create. It's also visible in the different initiatives he has started and supports (find a selection listed below). And now, you can take part of his mission through this episode of the Learnability Podcast.
  • 67. The Social Advantage (New Season)

    A show about aspirations & learnability by Innocent Mugenga.From The Social Networks, an innovation that brought us together from all over the world, a catalyst for community. To The Social Dilemma, the wedge between us; exposing harmful habits that develop when we are too engrossed in the lives portrayed on social media, the political instability that arises, and concerns about data collection for commercial purposes.We suggest it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, and instead, we see how these tools could create The Social Advantage.Join us on this examination of the fundamentals of learning and future of education!
  • 66. Listener's Favorites: Setting Your Direction with Malcolm Larri

    This episode is a rerun of a popular conversation we had last year and feels like a suitable listen as we're heading into a new year. 2021!Originally from Sydney Australia, Malcolm Larri is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), in-demand coach, and speaker focused on empowering companies and individuals to use their unique abilities to drive positive change. He shares with us, the concept of our "Powerful Four," reframing and getting rid of limiting beliefs, why organizations should view themselves as rivers of people, and coaching startups in defining their direction and value proposition.No matter where you are in your career or life, there will be some great insights to gain from this conversation in regards to leadership, both of self and of organizations.
  • 65. Dr. Michael Breus: Science of Sleep

    Dr. Michael J. Breus, also known as The Sleep Doctor is a Clinical Psychologist and the author of "The Power of When", a book in which he makes the complex science of chronobiology accessible and engaging for all readers. In this conversation, we speak about getting back in sync with your natural rhythm by making minor changes to your daily routine.Take the Chronoquiz here:
  • 64. Nora Bavey: Unconventional

    Nora Bavey is a General Partner of Unconventional Ventures. They're an early-stage Venture Capital firm challenging the system by unlocking underrepresented founders' potential and investing in purpose-driven scalable companies.Created in collaboration with Dockers, providing smarter, more comfortable, and more versatile clothing for every occasion. They believe that progress is woven into everything we do, from how we make our clothing to how we care for people and the planet, and so do we.5M7iHixN5DXCDnfeU5YH