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  • 1. Ania Jamila and Patrick Saad

    Ania Jamila is a Canadian producer, director and writer of Moroccan-Romanian heritage. She has lived in three continents and speaks five languages fluently. While still making her mark on the television production and film scene, she has over 15 year’s experience in the audio-visual production industry as she founded the production company, Luve Films Inc, in 2012, and created video campaigns for small companies and international brands like Nintendo and Cirque du Soleil. (from her bio here: Saad is a self-taught multidisciplinary producer and artist based in Montreal and born in Lebanon. As a producer, he accompanies authors and directors in the development of their projects. (from his bio here: is a seasoned producer but still full of incredible enthusiasm for discovering new stories seldom heard by a mainstream audience. Patrick had just begun his producing career, although he has been making films for years. We discuss Ania and her team's latest project, Hotel Beyrouth, which we will be hearing more about in the next few months as post-production nears completion.

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  • 8. Joyce Borenstein

    Welcome to LNBLF! In today's episode, we explore the career of Canadian director and animator Joyce Borenstein. Joyce is a charming, outgoing introvert. She began in independent animation in the 1970s, later joining the National Film Board of Canada in the 1980s. Her notable work includes the Oscar-nominated short documentary "The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein" (1992). Her films express her dedication to being a true and uncompromising fine artist while still making films with stories that are beautiful to hear and see.The Colours of my Father: of Joyce's NFB films:
  • 6. Paul Carvalho

    "I asked myself what I wanted from my life," Paul said more than once. "I wanted a life that felt interesting and passionate. A life that did not feel like a replica of others. By that measure, I believe I've succeeded." (From Paul's obituary)Our interview with Paul Carvalho came late in his filmmaking life, and it turns out it was late in his life in general. It was an honour to hear about his career, his stories, and some of the special projects he has worked on, some of the great advice he has to give.It's a reminder to all filmmakers that this isn't just film, this is life. It's short, and before we move on we must live joyfully and passionately.
  • 5. Dan Dumouchel

    This month on the Podcast, we talk to DOP Cinematographer Dan Dumouchel in Vancouver, British Colombia. Part-way through, the conversation takes a bit of a twist, and Dan gets very real and personal with us, so be warned. I think you’ll find his filmmaking journey unique, and there’s lots to learn about life and making movies. So listen up, and lets not be lazy filmmakers.Dan’s IMDB page: mentions gaffer Mike Martell:
  • 4. Paul Cowan

    We have a really special episode today, all our episodes are special, but we had some initial trouble with Zoom this week so we decided to record this one in person. Our guest, or in this case our host because we were at his house, is none other than the great Paul Cowan, who made some really amazing films, such as Westray, a film about a mining disaster in Eastern Canada. It’s a long one today, but I really encourage you to stick through to the end, because once Paul gets going, he really has a lot of insight and some great stories from war zones, documenting the porn industry, and some really good advice for filmmakers in general. Come with us this week as we visit Paul Cowan, proof that we’re not lazy filmmakers.Links:
  • 3. Steven Lee Beeber

    Steven Lee Beeber is an author and sometimes musician, He’s quoted in quite a few Wikipedia articles, but he doesn’t have his own page. He’s the author of the 2006 book The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB’s: A Secret History of Jewish Punk, and he has also written for a lot of other well known publications.The teaser for Rip It Up And Start Again, the film based on Steven's
  • 2. Ezra Soiferman

    Ezra Soiferman is a prolific filmmaker, photographer, was the world’s first artist-in-residence at a cannabis company, and has made dozens of films with titles like “Grass Fed”, “Man of Grease”, “Posthumous Pickle Party” and “Cod Help Us.” He’s won awards, been on TV, and his latest film about Montreal winters, “Montréal, Snowbec”, has 20,000 views on YouTube already. He’s a director, a photographer, and a dozen other things.Ezra’s Site:’s Filmmaking Bio:’s latest film, "Montréal, Snowbec": of Grease documentary: http://www.ManofGrease.comWatch “Ez in Res’”, the music photeo he made during his year as Tweed Artist-in-Residence: more Music Photeos by Ezra here: podcast is produced by Noah Leon and Evan Beloff.