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Ep. 55

Lucy is a Certified Life & Sobriety Coach and the Founder of Thrivalist, an online community for sober-curious women. Lucy works with busy, over-stressed women, helping them to reach their full potential, overcome addictive behaviours and navigate their way out of being ‘stuck’. Thrivalist empowers women worldwide of all ages and backgrounds to find freedom from alcohol, step into their incredible power, and reignite their lives. The online community with evidence-based courses help women to change their relationship with alcohol through education, connection, coaching and counselling.

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  • 101. Last Drinks, Last Episode

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.It's time to push pause on the poddy, find out why in this final epiosde (for now).
  • 100. What's all the buzz about Reiki?

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.In this episode of Lat Drinks, Maz speaks with Reiki teachers Xavier and Chel King about their craft and upcoming appearance at the Aussie health and wellbing Viva Festival in March 2024. All the details about Viva Festival you can find here. King: Transpersonal Art Therapist & Usui Reiki Master TeacherXavier King: Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist & Usui Reiki Master TeacherReiki and Meditation with Xavier and Chel KingExperience the magic of energy healing with Chel and Xavier King at the Viva Festival! Their Reiki Workshop will guide you through a transformative journey, uncovering the secrets of this ancient practice to bring peace, strength, and tranquility into your life. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety, and hello to a renewed sense of calm and inner power. Join them for an unforgettable session that goes beyond regular meditation, revealing the limitless possibilities of Reiki. Everyone’s welcome, no prior experience needed!
  • 99. Blues, booze touring and tetollaling

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.Ash Grunwald is a celebrated Aussie musician who’s been on stage on a tour bus and playing his guitar to audiences for his entire adult life. But six years ago he decided to stop drinking. Hear why Ash had his last drink and how it impacted his creativity and musicianship. (Spoiler: it was a GOOD thing!)SummaryIn this conversation, Ash Grunwald shares insights on quitting and the benefits it brings. He emphasizes the importance of getting into self-discovery and proving to oneself the positive outcomes of quitting. Ash also discusses the value of always being teachable and learning as a way to avoid stagnation. He highlights how learning new things brings vitality into life. Overall, the conversation encourages a mindset of growth and continuous improvement.TakeawaysQuitting can be made easier by engaging in self-discovery and proving the benefits of quitting to oneself.Remaining teachable and adopting a beginner's mindset can lead to personal growth and prevent stagnation.Learning new things brings vitality and a sense of fulfillment to life.Embracing quitting as an opportunity for positive change can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.Chapters00:00Making Quitting Easier33:18Discovering the Benefits of Quitting34:03Always Be Teachable34:51Learning Brings Vitality
  • 98. The thing is never thing, ok.

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.In this conversation, Maz and Fiona Redding discuss the importance of letting go of identity and embracing change. They explore the concept that the thing we think is the problem is not the real problem, but rather a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs. Fiona introduces the concept of the circle of responsibility, emphasizing the importance of taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. They also discuss the power of stillness and the need to feel and process emotions. The conversation concludes with information on where to purchase Fiona's book, 'It Is Possible.' In this conversation, Fiona Redding shares insights on personal growth and self-discovery. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, practicing mindfulness, and overcoming self-doubt. Fiona also discusses the significance of building resilience, finding purpose and meaning, and creating a supportive environment. The conversation concludes with a heartfelt exchange of gratitude between the host and guest.TakeawaysLetting go of identity and embracing change is essential for personal growth.The thing we think is the problem is often not the real problem, but a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs.Taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions empowers us to create positive change.Finding stillness and allowing ourselves to feel and process emotions is crucial for personal transformation.Chapters00:00Introduction and Fiona's Last Book01:01Letting Go of Identity03:10The Thing is Not the Thing04:23The Circle of Responsibility06:28Choosing How to Respond07:22Understanding Others' Behavior08:25Shifting Perspectives and Boundaries10:47Taking Responsibility for Your Life11:23Accepting the Present Moment14:07Letting Go of Past Trauma15:13Choosing to Be Present16:20The Process of Letting Go17:05Shedding Layers and Expectations19:09Internal Transformation20:23Embracing Stillness and Beingness23:02Moving from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation24:16Experiencing Fulfillment in the Present26:00Feeling Your Way Through Pain28:24Finding Stillness and Letting Go29:17The Importance of Feeling and Processing Emotions32:05Balancing Thinking and Feeling34:31Where to Buy Fiona's Book05:00The Importance of Self-Reflection10:00Practicing Mindfulness15:00Overcoming Self-Doubt20:00Building Resilience25:00Finding Purpose and Meaning30:00Creating a Supportive Environment35:00Conclusion
  • 97. Choose your choice

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.After “coming out” as sober several years ago, or as Lisa calls it “Sober Serious”, Lisa’s been overwhelmed with support for her alcohol-free lifestyle. Lisa is regularly asked many questions about a life “sans alcohol”, and she embraces the interest with a passion that enables her to authentically demonstrate that her rockbottom has made her a rockstar!  As the face of “CHOOSE YOUR SOBER”, a term which she coined to highlight that sobriety is a spectrum, this highly sought after speaker, sober coach, health & fitness consultant, columnist and founder of SOBEROBICS, Lisa G loves sharing her real life stories and happiness hacks of inspiration, connection, and overcoming self-doubt through enhanced self-love, self-belief and self-worth. She’s especially passionate about inspiring and empowering women to increase the awareness of their relationship with alcohol and to stop viewing it through the lens of a “magic fix-all elixir.”Lisa calls herself a “Choose Chick” as she believes choice is a super power we all have but forget to use - we are all just one choice away from a more amazing life and she chooses life every day with passion, purpose, love, laughter and sensational sobriety. Lisa is adamant that happy is a verb rather than a noun, and she “does happy” every day, and encourages everyone to “do happy” daily.She is the founder, owner and Managing Director of “Lisa G” a bespoke health, fitness and wellness consultancy based in Sydney where she inspires clients to develop resiliency and self-esteem, muscle and movement, health and happiness, fitness and fun, and live as a limitless version of themselves with a sober curious awareness. Lisa has also established a Youtube Channel (100 Days to Happy Healthy and Hot) inspiring hundreds of men and women to find fitness in their homes, thus amplifying her message that muscle and movement are magic, and for everyone!Lisa holds a Bachelor of Sports Science degree from the University of NSW. “We all have the inherent power to change and improve ourselves but sometimes it takes belief in someone else, and seeing their story from broken to brilliant, to bring that power to the surface. I’ve lived in the hopeless despair of active addiction, where my self esteem, self love and self worth were non-existent. Where I thought a life without alcohol was not only abhorrent, but impossible. Now I live a vital and sober life full of clarity, freedom, joy, connection and fun. I DO HAPPY authentically every day. And I believe that we all have the ability to live this way. In fact, it’s not just an ability, it’s a choice and a privilege, and one that I have phenomenal gratitude and appreciation for every day. If you are suffering, not living an optimal life and think there is no way out and the situation is hopeless don’t despair! You don’t have to go to the depths that I did. The choice of change is available to EVERYONE! If you’re on the wrong path and need to “course correct”, all it takes is a little bit of willingness, honesty and commitment and the life of your dreams will be yours today and forever” (Lisa G)  
  • 96. Ever been to jail for a night?

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.
  • 95. Is it ok to take a break, from taking a break from booze?

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.In this conversation, Maz and Chris Raine discuss the connection between emotions and physical manifestations, Chris Raine's relationship with alcohol, his journey of self-acceptance, and his studies at Harvard. They also explore the topic of drug policy and the use of psychedelics.Emotions can manifest in physical symptoms and ailments.One's relationship with alcohol can be complex and ever-evolving.Accepting and embracing all parts of oneself is an ongoing journey.Studying drug policy and exploring the use of psychedelics can provide insights into the choices we make and their impact on our well-being.Chapters00:00The Connection Between Emotions and Physical Manifestations02:14Introduction and Chris Raine's Last Drink06:05Chris Raine's Relationship with Alcohol10:34Exploring Different Approaches to Alcohol14:41Understanding and Accepting All Parts of Oneself19:47Chris Raine's Journey of Self-Acceptance23:49Chris Raine's Studies at Harvard26:44Exploring Drug Policy and Psychoactive Molecules27:33The Fascination and Challenges of Psychedelics
  • 94. How To Eat to Change How You Drink

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.Dr.Brooke Scheller is New Yorks #1 Sober Nutritioniast, she has a new book out How To Eat to Change How You Drink and IT's BRILLIANT! You can get it anywhere you get books. In this podcast episide Brooke and Maz talk about Brooke's last drink, the writing process and who it was that called out her drinking behaviour which helped her made the decision to stop drinking.Show NotesDr. Brooke's book can be purchased from various retailers, including Amazon.Recording the audio book was a tiring but rewarding process.Reading the book out loud helped Dr. Brooke identify areas for improvement.Dr. Brooke's website offers online programs focused on nutrition and wellness for an alcohol-free lifestyle.Chapters00:00Where to Get the Book40:04Recording the Audio Book41:05The Process of Reading the Book Out Loud41:47Dr. Brooke's Website and Programs41:57Conclusion and Future Conversations
  • 93. Is today your last hangover?

    Last Drinks is proudly sponsored by Buds and Beads, sparkling tea. Order yours now the code LASTDRINKS20 for a 20% discount.Danni Carr, founder of the How I Quit Alcohol Podcast and Ash Grunwald, much loved Australian Blues Musician are a husband and wife duo with a passion for self improvement and self preservation.After years of touring and partying the excessive binges started to take their toll and the two decided enough was enough.When a good friend said she was going to take a 12 month break from drinking, these two didn’t hesitate in joining in.That was in Jan 2017 and what started as a 12 month commitment has lead to a life of awesome sobriety. More confident, more driven - Danni and Ash have never looked back.Danni now has a hugely successful podcast called How I Quit Alcohol, in 2022 completed the year long Professional Compassionate Inquiry Training with Dr Gabor Mate, she has also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming for coaching, CBT for coaching . Danni is a certified life coach and is currently writing a book with Ash about alcohol. They are both passionate about helping other people break the cycle with alcohol and rebuilding confidence to start a new life from the inside out.In 2023 Danni received accreditation as a Breath work and Meditation teacher.