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Ep. 55

Lucy is a Certified Life & Sobriety Coach and the Founder of Thrivalist, an online community for sober-curious women. Lucy works with busy, over-stressed women, helping them to reach their full potential, overcome addictive behaviours and navigate their way out of being ‘stuck’. Thrivalist empowers women worldwide of all ages and backgrounds to find freedom from alcohol, step into their incredible power, and reignite their lives. The online community with evidence-based courses help women to change their relationship with alcohol through education, connection, coaching and counselling.

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  • 78. Last Drinks with Laura Lee Wright

    Laura Lee Wright is an Author and in this podcast conversation openly shares the background to her depenadane on alcohol, her upbringing and how it imprinted on her choice to drink, what she manage to ransack from her fridge on the last night she drank and the moment she knew, it was time to stop. Laura has a book 'Beyond Sober: You Put Down The Booze, Now What?' which is available here:
  • 77. Last Drinks with Aidan Jones

    Since first performing stand-up in 2012, Aidan Jones has sold out runs in the Edinburgh Fringe, Perth Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival.He is also a regular at comedy clubs all around Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia - his hilarious and honest storytelling is quickly earning him an exciting reputation, with the West Australian in 2020 calling him, "one of the most clever young minds on the Aussie comedy circuit.'Taking serious, personal topics and effortlessly turning them into jokes is a skill many comedians would kill for, and Taco has it in spades.' X-Press Magazine'An effortless and vulnerable charm seldom seen on the stand-up stage, even from the most famous comic minds.' The MusicYou can find out more about Aidan by visiting his website
  • 75. Last Drinks with Alan Howle

    Alan Howle is a video producer, a Dad and shares why he gave up alcohol. Alan is making it easier for blokes to be honest about their relationship with alcohol and waves the sobreity flag proudly in his own life.
  • 74. Last Drinks (again) with Victoria Vanstone

    Victoria Vanstone joins Maz again to talk about her live show in September, and her big tips on being the sober one in the room. Vic is honest, candid and so insightful. tickets for the Sober Awkward live show can be purchased here:
  • 73. Last Drinks with Gabriela Flax

    Gabriela Flax is my guest this week on Last Drinks, and her last drink was a doozy. You can follow Gabriela on IG @notapplicabledrinksWe talk about data points, redemption, besties and that first class flight that changed the course of her life! Plus some news from Last Drinks HQ! Check out for a sneak peak.And we are on Tik Tok @lastdrinks
  • 72. Last Drinks with Jacinta Tynan

    Jacinta and Maz are pretty sure they know each other, and what they bond over in this podcast chat surprised both of them.This episode of Last Drinks is dedicated in loving memory to the life and legacy of Tim Brown.Jacinta Tynan is a journalist, columnist, author and mother to two young sons. She is one of Australia’s most well known journalists and news presenters reporting and presenting for ABC TV and Sky News. She’s been a regular columnist with Sunday Life Magazine (9) and Body+Soul (News Ltd) and contributes to various publications including Stellar and Escape. Jacinta has published five books, her most recent: The Single Mother’s Social Club - Inspiration and advice on embracing single parenthood (Murdoch Books). With a diploma in Positive Mental Health, Jacinta also works as a life coach, supporting women to find their purpose. She recently founded The Spiritual Book Club interviewing authors like Gabby Bernstein and Deepak Chopra to share their works and wisdom with subscribers. Passionate about social causes, Jacinta is an Ambassador forThe Warrior Woman Foundation and Raise Foundation providing in-school mentoring to high school kids across the country. www.jacintatynan.comhttps://www.thespiritualbookclub.cominstagram: @jacintatynan@thespiritualbookclubofficial
  • 71. Last Drinks with Jules Lund

    It was the year 2000, out of 4000 entrants, just two finalists were selcted in the finals for The Coolest Job In The World, to travel the world and host TV shows for ESPN. Jules Lund and Maz Compton. The final two. Guess who got the job.... JULES LUND! It would be another 4 years until Maz got her big break on TV and by then Jules was hosting Getaway and really smashing his career goals. It would appear though, that both Maz & Jules had another thing in common, which until today they haven't spoken about, and that's a problematic relationship with alcohol.Jules opens up about his sobreity for the first time, and Maz managed to not make one joke about Jules hosting Hole In The Wall! This pair of TV and radio gems sit down and get personal about alcohol, the industry and what sobreity means to each of them. Jules is super honest about the boundaries he put around his drinking over the years until finally calling Last Drinks, how sustainable his sobriety is and what he might do after a year booze-free. Jules hosts a drive time show Start-Up Nation on Disrupt Radio, you can tune in here out to Jules on IG if you would like to feature on his show @juleslund
  • 70. Last Drinks with Michelle McDonald

    Michelle is a life coach, sobriety coach & sobriety mentor. But before that she was a drinker.....After a long and very toxic relationship with alcohol, lots of day ones and so many never agains Michelle turned her life around, signed up for a 90 challenge and has never looked back. Michelle has been living a life free of alcohol since 01 October 2021. Michelle has openly shared the story of her sobriety, supporting and guiding others on their journey. Michelle is proud of it all...the good, the bad, the healing, the growth and the person she has become.Michelle has been a guest on a number of podcasts and in November 2022 appeared as part of an ensemble cast in the live show 'Message from the Bottle'.Reachout to Michelle via Instagram @thesoberconnection.