Knick Knack News

Want to know who won the airplane interior design awards last week? Curious about how tardigrades can survive in space? Want to know what bears have been up to lately? We have all the details!

We are Alex and Anthony - two engineers who back in 2018 realized something was missing. Headline news was hitting us over the head with political stories over and over again, and while we wanted to stay informed, we felt the news was overwhelming. We couldn’t find a news podcast that fit what we were looking for, so we started our own.

Knick Knack News is a news podcast for millennials who want to keep on top of exciting tech breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, and fun, uplifting news stories, without the political drama.

Every week, our show will catch you up on the unexpected and offbeat news you missed in all the noise, in less time than it takes you to write a screenplay with ChatGPT.

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