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Kitchen Garden is Britain’s best guide to on how to grow your own food. It offers down-to-earth advice from the finest minds in gardening to make sure you get the tastiest produce from your plot.

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  • 141 - KG Editor Steve Ott talks to Tayshan Hayden-Smith

    In this podcast KG editor Steve Ott chats to Tayshan Hayden-Smith who many of you will know as a TV presenter on BBC’s Your Garden Made Perfect and Hampton Court Flower Show coverage. He is also a pro footballer, award-winning Chelsea Flower Show designer, green activist and founder of The Grow2Know Project and now with the release of his new book Small Space Revolution, an author too!

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  • 140 - The Veg Plot in April

    The KG team of Steve, Emma and Tony gather to chat about the top tasks on the plot this month, to compare notes on what they have been up to in recent weeks and to talk about some of the latest gardening stories to hit the news – as well as the weather of course! For more information check out the latest issue in the shops now.
  • 139 - An Interview with Milly Fyfe

    KG editor Steve Ott chats to Milly Fyfe who (in no particular order) is a keen gardener, garden writer, farmer, Mum of two, home cook, food campaigner, award-winning digital marketing expert, Instagrammer and blogger as well as the owner of website (well-worth a visit for the delicious recipes alone!) Milly talks about her upbringing among a family of gardeners and her work promoting seasonal British farm produce as well as home-grown crops to parents and children alike.
  • 138 - An interview with Susy Bortolot

    KG editor Steve Ott chats to Susy Bortolot, AKA susybliving on Instagram and YouTube, about her obsession with growing her own, successional sowings and how moon phase gardening can both improve your crops, and your organisational skills in the garden!
  • 137 - The Team chats to gardening expert Martin Fish

    KG readers will know Martin from his regular contributions to the magazine. A trained horticulturist, ex-nurseryman and head gardener, Martin now concentrates on his work as a writer and on giving talks at many major shows around the country where he works with wife Jill – Martin giving the gardening advice and Jill putting together delicious recipes using the produce he grows. Here he chats to the KG team about his life in horticulture and his exciting new garden in Lincolnshire. You can follow progress from the garden every month throughout 2024 in the magazine.
  • 136. 136 - What are we doing in January?

    Jobs for January with the Kitchen Garden team The KG team discuss what they are doing in the garden this month including sowing chillies and aubergines, keeping the snow from your fruit cage, forcing rhubarb and 101 uses for a hot water bottle!
  • 135. 135 - November in the veg garden

    The KG team take a break from the rain to chat through some of the jobs they’ll be doing in November as well as discussing some of the highs and lows of the season so far – including some mixed reactions to some of the tomato varieties they’ve been trying this year.