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Ep. 379

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  • 420. Batteries Get Wrinkles Too: Why Heat is Their Botox Gone Wrong?

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: EV MythsLithium Sulfur Battery ResearchTesla produces 5 million vehiclesTesla and Saudi ArabiaBattery LongevityTesla Manual Rear Door Release
  • 419. Arson and Tariffs

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  • 418. SFD vs GM Cruise

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistEvent:ManitobaEVFestToday's Show: LG launches home battery2024 EV BlazerSFD vs CruiseHonda and Acura to adopt NACSTesla to build $25k model in AustinPowerwall 3 installationsHilton and Tesla to deploy 20,000 universal wall connectorsCybertruck rollover
  • 417. Brief Tesla News

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: FSD Autosteer on City StreetsCyberSpoon$1,000 Yoke Upcharge
  • 416. Brief EV News

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: Lucid's future $50,000ish car2024 VW ID.4 UpdatedVW ID.GTI ConceptXPeng ExpandingMercedes Benz Concept CLA ClassMercedes Benz OTAMercedes Electric G-Wagon
  • 415. Refreshed Model 3 Highland and FSD Price Cuts

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistFriends of the Show:Cars with Cords Today's Show: Redwood Materials raises $1billon dollarsFord's 2nd Gen Fleet EV chargerFord dumps 3 ICE cars for EVsDC Fast Charging Vs Slow ChargingNHTSA wants data on Elon ModeHW 4 gets FSD BetaTesla Autopilot trialsElon won't get a ticket for driving while holding his phoneDOJ to investigate Tesla's range investigationDOJ investigating Tesla for potentially using company resources for Elon's mansionModel X and S Price CutsTesla Model 3 inventory price cutsModel 3 Highland 1Model 3 Highland 2Model 3 Highland 3Model 3 Highland 4Tesla lowers price of FSD by $3,000
  • 414. Rivian's Q2 2023 Earnings Call

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: Rivian's Q2 2023 Earnings Call
  • 413. Did We Get New Cybertruck News, Not Really

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: Tesla Autopilot probe is about to end, NHTSA hints at forcing changes on driver monitoringTesla to provide Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services to Texas gridTesla is taking steps to launch FSD Beta in ChinaTesla Supercharger Network To Become A Multi-Billion Dollar Business: AnalystTesla investors poised to recover $12k each from Musk’s “funding secured” SEC dealTesla's massive data breach in May affected more than 75,000 people, carmaker says - AutoblogTesla Giga Shanghai's mysterious fleet of covered cars catches eyes in recent flyoverElon Musk teases Tesla Cybertruck 'production candidate'Tesla and Elon Musk won't budge on what Cybertruck orderers want to hearTesla Cybertruck build quality targets highlighted in leaked Elon Musk emailTesla adds Cybertruck Delivery Event invite to referral awardsTesla wins permit approval for Diner and Drive-in Movie Supercharger in LA
  • 412. GM's Not So Great Week

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+Shuffle PlaylistToday's Show: Volvo teases first 100% electric minivan, the EM90 is like a ‘Scandinavian living room’Volkswagen ID.7 Pro Package presales open starting at $61,479Volkswagen ID.7 Entered Production In GermanyEVgo Adds Rivian's Vehicles To AutoCharge+. Why Aren't All Charging Providers Doing This? - CleanTechnicaLucid’s EV price cuts are working as Gravity electric SUV launch nearsGM announces closure of Chandler facility, 900+ employees to be let goGM's Ultium Cells battery plant under investigation over chemical spillDangerous Chemical Spill Investigated At GM's Ultium Cells Plant2024 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Price Increased By Up To $1,600