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  • 507. 2024 Tesla Shareholder Meeting: Elon's Bit

    Description:In this episode, we discuss Tesla's 2024 annual shareholder meeting, focusing on Elon Musk's presentation covering sustainability goals, Model Y success, Full Self-Driving, and advancements in chip design. We delve into corporate governance dynamics, Tesla's operations including battery innovations and software engineering, and future plans like expanding the supercharger network. The episode also highlights Tesla's developments in AI chips, autonomous driving technology, and humanoid robots, offering insights into their economic potential and market impact.Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastNews:Tesla's 2024 Shareholder MeetingProxy Statement

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  • 506. Community News Submissions

    In this episode of Kilowatt, we discussed Qmerit's new Powerhouse service offering bi-directional charging for homes. I touched on VinFast's potential delay in North Carolina and Faraday Future's challenges with FF91 EV deliveries. I also discussed General Motors' supercharger network access and upcoming EV releases like the Chevy Bolt and Blazer. Insight was given on the environmental impact of EVs versus ICE vehicles, showing EVs have a lower carbon footprint. I covered the Eco Car Challenge, European tariffs on Chinese EVs, and previewed Tesla's shareholders meeting, ending with an invite for engagement with our Patreon community.Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastCommunity ContributionsECO Car ChallengeEU to impose tariffs on Chinese EVsNIO warns against political tariffsAre EVs greener than ICE carsNews:Qmerit PowerHouseFaraday Future 2023 deliveriesVinFast factory delayGM's Supercharger accessChevy BoltBlazer EV lease priceGM lowers sales targets for 2024$25,000 Jeep
  • 505. Pat's Fiddly Wall Connector

    Description:In this episode of Kilowatt, Steve, Allison, and Par discuss Pat's experience with her faulty Tesla wall connector, leading to a decrease in charging capacity. Tesla promptly sent her a free replacement, emphasizing the importance of proper torque in securing electrical connections to prevent fire hazards. The replacement process was straightforward, allowing Pat to resume charging her Tesla at home. The conversation also covers charging alternatives like using a travel charger with various adapters, underscoring the need for electrical knowledge to ensure safe charging practices. We share anecdotes about adapting to different charging setups and the importance of understanding electrical configurations. The episode concludes with a reflection on Tesla's positive customer service reputation and the significance of companies supporting their products to provide solutions for customers.Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastLinks:Podfeet WebsiteSteve's Youtube ChannelPat's InstagramPat's Website
  • 504. Dave Rosenfeld with Solar Rights Alliance

    Description:Dave from the Solar Rights Alliance joins Bodie to discuss challenges faced by solar users with utility companies in California. The conversation dives into the benefits of consumer investments in solar technology for grid resilience and cost reduction. They highlight the importance of empowering individuals in shaping the energy transition and propose key changes for a renewable-friendly environment. The dialogue delves into California's legislative landscape, emphasizing the need for transparency, accountability, and consumer empowerment in prioritizing renewable energy initiatives. The influence of utilities, unions, and lobbyists in shaping solar energy regulations is explored, with an emphasis on the protection of individuals' rights to self-generate and store energy. The episode concludes with a call for continued advocacy in the solar energy space.Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastLinks:Solar Rights AllianceSolar United Neighbors
  • 503. Gene's Offroading Adventure

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastNews:Solar Rights AllianceSolar United NeighborsDescription:In this episode of Kilowatt, we embark on a thrilling off-roading journey with our guest Gene as he recounts his adventures driving the Cybertruck through rugged terrains in the Eastern Sierra. Initially skeptical of the Cybertruck's off-road capabilities, Gene's skepticism transforms into admiration as he navigates through challenging landscapes filled with rocks, rivers, and steep inclines. He highlights the electric drivetrain's advantages, providing consistent torque and seamless control, making off-roading a smooth and enjoyable experience.Gene praises the Cybertruck's front camera system and large touchscreen display for enhancing visibility and reducing stress during off-road excursions. He shares practical tips like removing air deflectors to protect the vehicle on rocky terrains and discusses suspension adjustments, software updates, and the overall user experience of driving the Cybertruck off-road. Gene rates the difficulty of his 25-mile off-road trip as a four on a scale of five, underscoring the vehicle's robust chassis and suspension for a comfortable and capable performance.Throughout the conversation, Gene highlights the Cybertruck's ease of handling in off-road conditions, thanks to its instant torque and regenerative braking. He emphasizes the responsiveness and control offered by the steer-by-wire system, showcasing the vehicle's agility on challenging terrains. The discussion emphasizes the vehicle's performance in diverse off-road scenarios, highlighting its strengths and capabilities.The podcast delves into the nuanced steering features of Tesla vehicles, focusing on the steer-by-wire system's adaptability based on speed and rear-wheel steering functionality at varying speeds. The speaker, accompanied by a seasoned Tesla enthusiast and other passengers, praises the vehicle's off-road prowess. They discuss the importance of locking differentials for improved traction on challenging terrains and explore potential enhancements to elevate the Cybertruck's capabilities further.The episode further discusses software updates for the Cybertruck, including locking differentials and rear steering deactivation, enhancing the vehicle's off-road capabilities. Details about suspension modes, especially rock crawling, and the importance of keeping all wheels grounded for traction are thoroughly explored. Practical aspects like stability assist, Wade mode for water navigation, and Trail Assist for slow-speed terrains are highlighted, along with unique features like Cyber Tent Mode for comfortable camping experiences.
  • 502. Jason Marks and Forrest North of Telo Trucks

    Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastNews:TeloTrucksTelo Trucks DiscordDescription:In this episode of Kilowatt, we delve into the world of electric vehicles, renewable energy, and autonomous driving. Today I'm joined by industry professionals Forrest North and Jason Marks, the co-founders of TeloTrucks, a company pioneering innovative electric pickup trucks, we uncover the unique features and inspirations behind their Mini Cooper-sized EV pickup trucks. With a focus on urban functionality and environmental consciousness, TeloTrucks aims to revolutionize city transportation with their compact yet powerful electric trucks.Forrest and Jason take us through their EV journey, from electric motorcycles to founding TeloTrucks, stressing the importance of addressing the challenges of traditional pickup trucks' size and offering eco-friendly alternatives for urbanites. The design intricacies, such as the exposed front wheel and mid-gate design enhancing aerodynamics and utility, are explored, showcasing TeloTrucks' commitment to merging practicality with sustainability. They shed light on the battery technology driving their trucks, targeting over 300 miles of range to cater to diverse consumer needs.The conversation evolves as we uncover TeloTrucks' target audience, emphasizing urban residents and commercial entities seeking efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Drawing comparisons with industry giants like Tesla and Hyundai, Forrest and Jason highlight their commitment to high range capabilities, expanding city dwellers' exploration horizons. From design philosophies to battery optimization, the episode offers a comprehensive glimpse into TeloTrucks' pioneering contributions to the electric vehicle industry, geared towards modern urban lifestyles.Transitioning to battery pack intricacies, we liken their importance to the engine of traditional vehicles, emphasizing custom-tailored designs optimizing capacity, cooling efficiency, and safety. Debunking myths around battery cell technology and advocating for holistic charging practices, the speakers delve into the nuances of charging rates, voltage, and longevity, drawing parallels between phone and EV charging habits. Safety features take center stage, with a focus on predictive technologies and user-centric interfaces prioritizing pedestrian safety and impact mitigation.Exploring TeloTrucks' user-centric approach through the Discord forum, we witness a collaborative paradigm shaping the vehicle's roadmap based on direct customer feedback. The fusion of technical insights, safety considerations, and design principles underlines the innovative spirit propelling TeloTrucks' electric vehicle design and technology. The episode culminates with a spotlight on the evolving electric vehicle landscape, charging infrastructure challenges, and TeloTrucks' roadmap, inviting listeners to engage with the community and be part of the electric vehicle revolution.
  • 501. Rivian's Q1 2024 Earnings Call

    Description:In this episode of Kilowatt, we explore Rivian's Q1 2024 earnings call, featuring insights from CEO RJ Scringe and CFO Claire McDonough. RJ discusses Rivian's growth as a top EV maker, introducing the R2 midsize platform for utility and cost-effective manufacturing. Claire outlines production and delivery goals for profitability by Q4 2024, emphasizing supply chain readiness for the R2 launch in 2026. Analysts inquire about production ramp-ups and challenges, with discussions on driving efficiency and market expansion. The episode highlights Rivian's strategic direction, cultural commitment to cost optimization, and dedication to innovation in the EV market.Support the Show:PatreonAcast+New Podcast:Beyond the Post YouTubeBeyond the Post PodcastBart and Jill's Podcasts: Let's Talk Photography 128: Buzz Blossom & Squeak with Jill from the NorthwoodsBart's Let's Talk WebsiteJill's Small Steps WebsiteBuzz Blossom and SqueakNews:Rivian's Q1 2024 Earnings Call