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  • 16. Ma’a Nonu is the Larger than Life Centre of attention this week on The KOKO Show

    This week on The KOKO Show the lads go wall to wall footy with a couple of cheeky yarns sprinkled into the mix. We deliver a comprehensive ‘Rugby Roundup’ segment unpacking and unfurling Round 12 of the Super(b) Rugby, illuminating the teams that are in the hunt for glory and the others that can start preparing for a debaucherous Mad Monday.With this in mind the lads don their outdoor aprons armed with their lucky tongs and serve you guys a smokey and saucy selection of ‘Super Sizzlers’, thanks to our friends at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline. We also dive into the unfortunate result for the Wallaroos in their first test match of the year, as they went down to the maple syrup crushing Canadians in Sydney.However, this week our piste de resistance is currently considered a ‘Northern Hemisphere Legend’, but really is a Southern Hemi Sensation. This man is widely considered as one of the greatest centres the rugby world has ever seen, a man so bold he refuses to get old, with nicknames like ‘The Tank’ and ‘The Rock’ opposing player often felt liquid filling their sock. This man is a gentleman and a scholar so please stand up and holla, yes of course, it is the one and only Mr Ma’a Nonu.So sit back, get yourself a plate with all the fixings and slip into your Sunday best as we spread another ‘Two-Time’ RWC champ across your soundwaves. That's right, it’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.TIMECODES:00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME01:58 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS / HOW WERE THE WEEKENDS 04:20 - DREW PLAYING IN AN ADF RUGBY MATCH WITH FAMILY10:58 - MERCHANDISE AND SOCIAL PLUGS11:58 - INTRODUCE MA’A NONU14:31 - THE LEGION WERE DISAPPOINTED THAT GITS CAME AND THEN LEFT16:22 - WHAT DID GITS AND MA’A DO IN THE BYE WEEK17:37 - MA’A RANKS THE TOUGHEST CLUB LEAGUES IN THE WORLD22:10 - MA’A TALKING ABOUT PLAYING WITH JONAH 26:23 - MA’A PLAYING WITH DREW AND GITS IN TOULON29:29 - TALKING ABOUT MA’A’S INTERNATIONAL CAREERALL FOUR BOYS PLAYING FOR THE BARBARIANS TOGETHER 34:58 - 2015 WORLD CUP FINAL CHAT NZ V AUSTRALIA 40:20 - START ONE, BENCH ON AND DROP ONE WITH MA’A 41:13 - SOCIAL SNITCHES44:16 - THE KOKO QUIZ WITH MA’A52:13 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS57:23 - RUGBY ROUND UP SEGMENT01:14:14 - SUPER SIZZLER SEGMENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER01:19:51 - WHAT’S DREWING?01:23:20 - WALLAROOS V CANADA REVIEW01:25:30 - GOODBYES AND SOCIAL/MERCH PLUGSBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us

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  • 15. Cheslin Kolbe chats to the KOKO Show about Winning World Cups and What Wingers really do.

    This time around on The KOKO Show the boys have a special treat with an all-time Northern Hemisphere Legend and Springbok speedster, a man with fast feet and an even faster car collection. You better bloody believe it, we chat to the king of the Cape and a hero in headgear Mr Cheslin Kolbe.The boys also dish out an all you can eat serving of the Rugby Roundup, topped with an extra spicy Suber(b) Sizzler garnish thanks to our mates at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline. We then round out this mouth watering walk through the rugby world with a couple of new segments entitled ‘What’s Drewing?’ and the boys ‘Debate the Top Eight.’So sit back, relax and drink in the serenity as we go on a footy safari to see ‘The Big Five’ loose units in their natural habitat. We beg you to be chipper for Cheslin, fabulous for footy, nuts about the North and hit a long smoko for KOKO. It's time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.00:00 - Intro04:10 - Merchandise available!05:17 - Social Snitches - Swoop in 201907:21 - Northern Hemisphere Legends08:51 - CHESLIN KOLBE!10:51 - Cheslin playing in Japan12:10 - Cheslin PLaying with All Black Captain Sam Cane18:29-  Beating the All Blacks in the RWC Final26:15 - Cheslin on THAT Charge down31:42 - Start one, Bench one, Drop One34:40 - The Springbok Quiz43:47 - NHL’s Continues 44:15 - MLR - San Diego vs Dallas48:45 - Toulouse v Harlequins48:37 - Leinster v Northampton50:31 - Rugby Round Up51:00 - Hurricanes v Waratahs53:31 - Blues v Rebels54:39 - Highlanders v Moana56:37 - Crusaders v Reds58:57 - Chiefs v Force59:32 - Brumbies v Drua01:02:02 - Super Sizzler brought to you by BeefEater01:07:32 - What’s Drewing?01:14:55 - Debate the top 801:23:10 - Wallaroos SquadBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 14. This Week Noah Lolesio floods The KOKO Show with fun and footy.

    This week on The KOKO Show the lads are horsing around and bathing in the sweet sweet nectar of the Brumbies win over the previously undefeated Hurricanes. Much like a pack of hungry ‘Junkyard Dogs’ we forage through another spectacular round of Super(b) Rugby and thanks to our friends at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline we have a tender little lineup of ‘Super Sizzlers’ fresh off the grill. The fellas also have a deep dive into the triumphant Super(b) Rugby W final, breaking down how the Waratahs dismantled the Drua to run the board in a spectacular undefeated winning season. Obviously, we understand that we have fans from both sides of the equator that join us week in and week out to bloody ‘Schmidt this thing in’, so we have served up an extra juicy NHL’s segment this week with flavours from Japan, England and the self-proclaimed leaders of the free world. Plus, it would be completely LOCO if KOKO didn't have a special guest, so we have lined up a Brumbies young blood that is on his way back to the promised land. A man that has more footy smarts than Gits has gold bullion buried under his house, the fresh faced flyhalf of the future, the Ken amongst us mortal men, the one and only ‘bad boi Brumby’ himself Mr Noah Lolesio. So dust off your chaps, tighten your bridal and tip your Akubra to another real roughie of a podcast. It’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME01:10 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS 03:27 - BUSTA RHYMES RESPONSE VIDEO 05:34 - MERCHANDISE/SOCIAL PLUGS 07:16 - SOCIAL SNITCHES09:54 - SHOUT OUT TO PRODUCER OLLIE 10:39 - RUGBY ROUNDUP 24:20 - SUPER SIZZLERS30:39 - BRUMBIES BEATING THE HURRICANES34:15 - INTRODUCE NOAH LOLESIO 36:11 - NOAH ON THE HURRICANES WIN38:32 - NOAH’S TIME IN FRANCE AND FRENCH STYLE40:28 - GITS REACHING OUT TO NOAH42:51 - NOAH ON THE WALLABIES AND JOE SCHMIDT48:56 - WHICH THREE PEOPLE WOULD NOAH CHOOSE IF STUCK ON AN ISLAND 50:19 - BRUMBIES QUIZ WITH NOAH 57:00 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS01:05:54 - FIRE UP WITH FIREBALL SEGMENT 01:08:15 - MERCHANDISE AND SOCIAL PLUGS 01:10:17 - GOODBYESBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us at
  • 13. Danny Care and an exclusive interview with Kurtley Beale on The KOKO Show

    This week on the KOKO show we give you the old school two guest turnaround, that's right more bloody exclusives than the humble rugby fan can poke a stick at.First up the lads run you through a hilarious Goit inspired ‘Social Snitches’ from fourteen years ago, we also dive into everything Super(b) Rugby with another lashing of ‘Super Sizzlers’ brought to you by our friends at BeefEater and Appliances Online.Then we really turn this mofo up to a ten, the KOKO crew have an exclusive first time interview with a dear friend of the show and new Western Force recruit, the one and only Mr Kurtley ‘KB’ Beale. But as wise men have always said, one guest is cute, and two guests are totally SLAY.That is right we have doubled up for all our NHL’s (Northern Hemisphere Legends) and we have brought you the little legend from Leeds and the hottest half in the business, so please get your pump on and quaff your hair for the lightweight lothario that is Danny Care.So kick back and relax as we wrap up the world of rugby like a delicious midnight kebab after a session with Holiday Swoop.It’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME00:42 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS04:43 - MERCHANDISE PLUG ( - SOCIAL PLUG06:24 - SOCIAL SNITCHES11:42 - RUGBY ROUNDUP SEGMENT/ SUPERB RUGBY15:01 - DREW’S SIMON RAIWALUI CHAT TEASE25:20 - KURTLEY BEALE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW40:25 - SUPER SIZZLERS BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER ( - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS44:57 - INTRODUCE DANNY CARE48:43 - DANNY MISSED ONE OF THE BEST GAMES IN CLUB HISTORY50:54 - DANNY’S 100TH TEST CAP52:25 - DANNY ON EDDIE JONES AND BEING CUT01:04:26 - TIGHT FIVE WITH DANNY CARE01:09:50 - SUPER W SCORES, FINAL PREVIEW AND WALLAROOS ANNOUNCEMENT01:16:30 - MERCH AND SOCIAL PLUGS01:17:00 - FIREBALL SHOT SKI01:18:14 - GOODBYES AND SIGN-OFFBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickonsTWITTER/X: @kickoffskickonsYOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickonsTIKTOK: @kickoffskickonsIf you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 12. The KOKO Show is trampled by All Black flyer Caleb Clarke

    This week on the KOKO show the boys lick their wounds from our Hong Kong bonanza as they detail the ups and downs of returning to normal non ‘holiday Swoop’ life. The crew also unpack a cheeky way to rehab an injury in this week's instalment of ‘Social Snitches’, plus we delve into another smashing dose of the Rugby Roundup and the lads also give their Super Sizzlers brought to you by BeefEater, from week 8 of the Superb Rugby Season. The KOKO Show isn't known for much, but one thing we hang our hat on is innovation, and this week we bring you two brand new segments, ‘Northern Hemisphere Legends’ - where we take a deep dive into all the rugby news North of the equator. The second new segment is a little gem entitled ‘The Halfway Wallabies Starting XV’, where the boys are given five positions each and they name their team as if it were picked tomorrow. This week we are joined by another very special guest, a gentle giant from across the ditch, a man known for his delectably destructive derriere, he might be all glute but his stardom is absolute, it is the one and only Mr Caleb Clarke. So, as the days get shorter and the nights cooler, slip into our warm cup of KOKO and let this episode massage all your stress away. It’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons. 00:00 - INTRODUCE THE SHOW AND BOYS 01:46 - GITS HEADING OFF TO THE USA03:24 - HONG KONG DEBRIEF AND RECOVERY06:28 - TEASING GUEST CALEB CLARKE AND NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS 07:23 - MERCHANDISE PLUG 09:24 - SOCIALS PLUG10:17 - SOCIAL SNITCHES11:42 - RUGBY ROUNDUP SEGMENT20:59 - SUPER SIZZLER BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER ( - WELCOME CALEB CLARKE34:57 - CALEB ON THE NEW ALL BLACKS ERA 37:39 - CALEB ON TRAINING WITH THE SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS44:03 - KOKO QUIZ WITH CALEB CLARKE51:09 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS SEGMENT51:27 - WORLD CLUB CUP53:00 - BORDEAUX V HARLEQUINS 54:22 - LEINSTER V LA ROCHELLE 55:56 - NORTHAMPTON V BULLS 56:52 - TOULOUSE V EXETER59:10 - THE HALFWAY WALLABIES STARTING XV01:07:29 - SOCIAL AND MERCH PLUGS  01:08:08 - GOODBYES AND SIGN OFF BUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 11. KOKO Show’s Hong Kong Extravaganza with Carter, Matfield, Burger, Caslick, Levi, Hooper & Vermeulen.

    As promised, the KOKO Crew took on the Hong Kong Sevens and some may say we lost, but we maintain the dragon is slain. Thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Cathay Pacific and Ovolo Hotels for giving the show an experience of a lifetime, we went to the Sha Tin Racecourse, saw the city lights on a Aqua Luna Junk Boat, enjoyed some delicious food at the Stanley Street Dai Pai Dong, took in the views from The Peak and drank in all the red hot rugby action from the 10s and the 7s. With the Hong Kong Sevens being one of rugby’s Meccas we were inundated with hall-of-fame guests including Dan Carter, Victor Matfield, Schalk Burger and Duane Vermeulen. Plus, we also jagged a few current superstars Maddi Levi, Charlotte Caslick and Michael Hooper throughout the course of the weekend for a chat. This show is cover to cover action, laughs and a smattering of debauchery, as the lads tackled the Vertical City. To cap off the show we have delivered a second instalment of ‘KOKO Carnage’ that will leave our Melbourne adventure in its wake. So please sit back, relax and pour yourself a stiff drink, as this will leave your nerve endings fried. We present the life and times of Holiday Swoop featuring the KOKO Crew, it’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME02:32 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS AND HONG KONG HIGHLIGHTS05:28 - MERCHANDISE PLUG06:02 - SOCIALS PLUG06:23 - SUPER RUGBY ROUND UP09:55 - THE BOYS TALKING ABOUT HOLIDAY SWOOP12:06 - SUPER SIZZLER BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER ( - SUPER W SCORES15:50 - HONG KONG SEVENS RUGBY RECAP16:35 - CHARLOTTE CASLICK AND MADDI LEVI INTERVIEW29:17 - MICHAEL HOOPER INTERVIEW31:21 - TEASING OUR OTHER GUESTS32:15 - DAN CARTER INTERVIEW49:20 - THE BOYS DISCUSS DAN CARTER'S LEGACY50:27 - OVOLO HOTEL MEET AND GREET WITH FANS52:08 - GOODBYES AND THROWING TO THE CARNAGE52:57 - AIRPORT ARRIVAL AND CATHAY PACIFIC FLIGHT55:33 - SHA TIN RACES59:34 - HONG KONG 10S AND KOKO DRINKS @ OVOLO01:02:33 - JUNK BOAT TOUR01:03:31 - FANCY DRESS SHOPPING FOR SATURDAY01:07:41 - FRIDAY @ HONG KONG 7s10:08:46 - SOUTH STAND SATURDAY01:12:07 - DUANE VERMEULEN, SCHALK BURGER AND VICTOR MATFIELD01:16:49 - STANLEY STREET DAI PAI DONG AND NIGHT OUT01:18:01 - VISIT THE PEAK 01:20:13 - HK7s FINALS WITH MICHAEL HOOPER01:21:13 - HEADING HOME01:22:30 - ENDING CREDITS BUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE FROM FRIDAY 12TH APRIL -
  • 10. Joe Marler and James Slipper prop up the lads in an epic episode of the KOKO Show

    This week on the KOKO Show we packed down with a pair of pretty props. The first cab off the rank is a man that tied Stephen Moore’s Australian Super Rugby appearances record, and is only a handful of Tests short of George Gregan in the international record race. That is right we are joined by Mr James Slipper to chat all things Super Rugby, the Eddie Jones aftermath and the upcoming Wallabies test season.Plus, we delve into everyone’s Supper Sizzlers brought to you by BeefEater from week six of ‘Superb’ Rugby, so stay tuned to see who sizzled and seared in the eyes of the KOKO Crew.As is the motto of our show, one guest is fun, but two guests is a bloody great time. So, our second guest this week is England’s inked up enigma and true character of the game, all the way from the front seat of his car we were joined by the one and only Mr Joe Marler.His big boy energy will fill your eyes and ears for a ripper of a time, we guarantee an episode full of great yarns, belly laughs and a quiz to end all quizzes. So uncork your good liquor, throw on your elasticated pants and slip into your favourite moomoo.For this episode we encourage everyone to embrace and appreciate your inner thicc boy/girl, because it’s time for a front row sized session of Kick Offs and Kick Ons.OVOLO HOTEL HONG KONG 7S DRINKS WITH KOKO: DISCOUNT WITH CODE - OVOLOKOKO) - - HELLO AND WELCOME03:33 - BOYS TALK EASTER LONG WEEKEND10:29 - SOCIAL SNITCHES 12:23 - SUPER RUGBY ROUND UP 18:37 - INTRODUCING JAMES SLIPPER 24:54 - SUPER SIZZLER BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER ( - SLIPPER ON THE WALLABIES 39:13 - TIGHT FIVE WITH JAMES SLIPPER41:47 - WELCOME JOE MARLER45:38 - JOE'S BET WITH DREW47:33 - GREAT TWEETS FROM JOE MARLER48:48 - JOE MARLER'S FEET ONLYFANS54:40 - EDDIE JONES57:04 - ENGLAND UPDATE1:03:53 - THE QUIZ FT. JAMES HASKELL FIGHT1:19:01 - SUPER W SCORESMake sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickonsTWITTER/X: @kickoffskickonsYOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickonsTIKTOK: @kickoffskickonsIf you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us